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Where is it mentioned about story and reason for women periods (menstruation) in our religious texts? [duplicate]

I came across a story in which once Brihaspati left Indra and due to that Indra appointed another Brahmin for a Yagna and since he was half Asur (born from Asur mother, therefore, he made Yagna ...
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A question about menstruation [duplicate]

Do girls become turiya when their body expels old blood, since they'd have no immune system then, so are they forbidden from doing work etc during those days?
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Why are menstruating women (at least in the Brahmin community) asked to be separate from the family for three days?

I am just curious for what religious reasons there might have been. In certain sects of Hinduism, women are asked to not enter the kitchen, eat and sleep separately from the rest of the family, not ...
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Does Science contradict Hinduism? How to deal with scientific discoveries that don't line up with Vedas?

I would like to know if Hinduism and science contradict each other. This is an issue that arises in many religions, the most prominent example being Christianity and its disagreement with evolution. ...
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Pooja during Menstrual period, Hindu Brahmin [duplicate]

We had a big argument y'day at hour house over pooja during Menstrual period. My wife wanted to do Sravan somvar rituals during her 3rd day of period. She cooked Kheer and wanted to put it as a ...
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Are there any surviving quotes from Baudhayana's commentary on the Brahma Sutras?

The most popular school of Hindu philosophy is the Vedanta school, which bases its tenets on the doctrines laid out in the Brahma Sutras, a work by Vyasa which summarizes the philosophical teachings ...
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What curse did Earth, Water, and Trees get by taking Indra's sin of Brahmahatya of Viśvarūpa upon themselves?

I learnt that women got menstruation for taking 1/4th of Indra's sin of Brahmahatya. What curse did the other three entities get?
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Did women menstruate before they partook Indra's sin?

The Vedas say that women menstruate as they took a portion of Indra's sin for killing a brahmin. Didn't women menstruate before this happened? How did they give birth before this happened?
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Is Karma transferable from one person to another according to śruti (Vedas, Upaniṣads, etc.)?

The Mahābhārata narrates the story of King Somaka and his chief priest who conduct a human sacrifice but only the priest is seen spending time in hell for his actions. And as the conversation between ...
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When does all water become impure as a result of sharing Indra's guilt of brahminicide?

As per the Puranic story being discussed in this post Indra, after killing the demon called Vritra, acquired the brahmahatya dosha. His gulit was thereafter shared by women, earth, water and the trees....
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How are trees sharing Indra's guilt?

As given in puranic stories, Indra shared His guilt of killing a Brahmana among Women, Trees, Water and Earth. The below verse tells the guilt shared by trees: तुर्यं छेदविरोहेण वरेण जगृहुर्द्रुमा...
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Why sin done by Indra is suffered by all Women?

As discussed here, the sin of Indra is suffered by women. But, why the sin done by someone is suffered by someone else? What I know is, we suffer the result of sinful action so that we can realize the ...
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Where in scriptures are menstruating women not allowed to do bhakti?

Is it mentioned anywhere in scriptures (with reasoning if possible) that women cannot pray during menstruation? Thanks in advance.
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