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Do scriptures mention about Srimad Madhvacharya being an avatar of Lord Vayu?

It is believed by his followers that Srimad Ananda Teertha (a.k.a Madhvacharya) was the third incarnation of Vayu (MukhyaprAna), the previous two were: Hanuman (Treta yuga) Bheema Sena (Dwapara yuga) ...
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Does the Jataka account of Krishna have any basis in Hindu scripture?

The Ghata Jataka, one of the Jataka Tales that form part of Buddhist scripture, recounts the life of Krishna in a way that mostly parallels conventional Hindu accounts, except for one notable incident ...
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Buddha avatar of Vishnu [duplicate]

Between Krishna and Kalki avatars there is Buddha/Boudha avatara. Is this Gautama Buddha? Related, why Vishnu coming as Mohini is not considered one of Dashavatara?
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Why is there a separate religion for Buddha, if Buddha is a Hindu god?

This is not a duplicate of Is Buddha an avatar of Lord Vishnu? I am posting totally different question below. From In Hinduism, Buddha is regarded as the ninth incarnation ...
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Was Vishnu's 9th avatara (Buddha) really about deluding the athiests? If so, then why? [duplicate]

This linked answer took me a long way towards solving this riddle but didn't quite answer it. According to it, Shrimad Bhagvat clearly states that the purpose of Vishnu's incarnation as Buddha was to ...
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Hinduism and Buddhism [duplicate]

We all know Bhagwan Buddh was the incarnation of Great Lord Vishnu. Vaishnav worship Lord Vishnu. Why did then Lord Vishnu created another Dharma? Why did not he rectified Hinduism?
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Which varna are 'Hindu' Buddhists part of?

There are a lot of our scriptures mentioning Gautam Buddha as one of Vishnu's avatars. You can see this Wikipedia post for the list If it is ...
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Why Jesus Isu Christ, Guru Nanak, Buddha and Muhammad should not be considered as Lord Vishnu's avatars? [closed]

As usual in general weekends I was reading Shrimad Bhagawat Gita yesterday night, in which verses were, Chapter 9 Verse 29 Smoham Sarvabhuteshu Means I am equally disposed to all living entities ...
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Why is Buddha a part of Dashavatar list? [duplicate]

Simple and straight question: Doesn't buddha belong to another religion, that is Buddhism? I found various lists all over the internet, and based on answers here, I want to know on what basis Buddha ...
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Ninth avataram of Vishnu [duplicate]

Is Buddha ninth Avataram of Vishnu? But Lord Venkateshvara (Balaji) is also an avataram of Vishnu who came to earth in Kaliyuga(will be exists on earth to the end of Kaliyuga). Then Venkateshvara ...