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Why God Shiva used trident on Kashyapa's son? and why could not he save his own son (Ganesha) from curse? [duplicate]

Kashyapa cursed Shiva: "Just as you pierced my son's chest with a trident, your son's head will be chopped off one day," said Kashyapa. My question is, Why God Shiva used trident on Kashyapa's son? ...
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How does the god Shiva changed to Lingam idols [duplicate]

What is the story about the Shiva Lingam and God Shiva. All the gods having the Human Idols except God Shiva. How it was happened that God Shiva giving shape in Lingam Idols.
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Why is Shiva primarily worshipped in a linga form?

In Hindu temples, the statues of the deities are present in the sanctum. But in (most) Shiva temples, only a linga is present instead of a Shiva statue. The linga worship seems to be limited only to ...
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I want scripture-based explanation for "God is Everywhere"

Most dominant philosophy in Hinduism is that God is everywhere and in everything. I want to understand this in more detail. As per science we know that around us there are two distinct things: Space-...
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What names of Lord Shiva used today are from Vedas?

Generally people have a severe misconception that Shiva is represented by the name 'Rudra' only in Vedas. Various names used today used for Lord Shiva are from Vedas. Some names are only in Puranas ...
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Why Maharishi Bhrigu was so powerful?

I have read that maharishi Bhrigu was choosing which diety to invite to their maha-yagna and he was testing the tri-murties (Shiva,Vishnu, Brahma ). During his test he was disappointed with Shiva and ...
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Why does Canto 4, Chapter 2 of Bhagavata Purana insult Shiva devotees?

SB 4.2.28 — One who takes a vow to satisfy Lord Śiva or who follows such principles will certainly become an atheist and be diverted from transcendental scriptural injunctions. Also in next verse;...
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Did the destruction of Daksha's sacrifice also happen in present Vaivasvata Manvantara?

It is a well-known event that Mahadeva destroys the sacrifice of Daksha when Devi Sati destroys herself in the sacrifice. But it happened in the Pitri Kalpa. Destruction of Yajna of Daksha is the ...
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While praying, who are allowed to touch/caress "Shiva Linga", the sacred phallus?

As per this thread, there are various opinions of whether the idol at the temple should be touched or not: Is it allowed to hug/touch the main idol at a temple? Now there is a special case of Shiva, ...
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Why people worship shiv-ling? [duplicate]

'Shiva linga' is a form , a symbol of our origin. Form is tangible and objective, thought is intangible and subjective. "When 'linga' meets with 'yoni' we come in this universe, we born , we ...