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How to consider Lord Dakshinmurthy as my Guru? [duplicate]

It is said that if a person doesn't have a Guru, then they can consider and worship Lord Dakshinamurthy as their Guru. Is there any ritual or mantra to do so?
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How do I find the right Guru?

How can we trust someone and accept him as Guru? Can we know or assess the spiritual level of a person? Are there any references for choosing one? What should we do if we realize that the guru we ...
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What are steps for following karma yoga (in all aspects of life)?

What are " 'detailed' all the steps of step wise approach" for achieving/following karma yoga (in all the aspects of life) ?
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Recital of mantra by initiated vs non initiated person

I have heard that mantras are taught in guru shishya relation,where the disciple receives mantra Diksha(initiation). If this is actually true,then what are the differences between when a Dikshit ...
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Procedure for getting mantra siddhi without Guru initiation

In general, guru is mandatory for mantra initiation. Siddhi may never happen without (physical, living, human) guru initiation. But recently I heard that, if there is no availability of physical ...
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Guru mantras for people without a guru: Is there any scriptural support?

The general consensus appears to be that a living guru who is accessible and can give initiation to the seeker is absolutely essential for any form of progress in Sadhanas. However, in his book "...
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Is it okay to Chant Devi Durga mantra "OM DUM DURGAYE NAMAH" to aid in sleeping?

Is it appropriate to chant the Durga mantra "Om Dum Durgayei Namaha" to aid in sleeping.
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Mantra Japa without a Guru

Namaskaar, Can i perform Navarna mantra Japa without initiation by a Guru. Can i request any random Poojari from a Maa Temple to help me in this initiation? What would happen if I have already ...
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How to become a disciple of Devi and see her as Guru?

This question the accepted answer to which further links to this blog post details a procedure for one to became a disciple of Lord Dakshinamurthy. This discipleship is mainly for the purpose of ...
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Clarifications on self-initiation to assume Dakshinamurti as guru

Background This post Procedure to make God(s) our Guru gives answers and references on how one can self-initiate and assume Dakshinamurti as guru. Because this is a complex topic, there are a lot of ...
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