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Which caste was Lord Krishna born into?

What is the caste that Lord Sri Krishna was born into? Was it Kshatriya (warrior) or Yadava (shepherd)? People from the Yadava community claim that Sri Krishna is a Yadava and was born into their ...
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Can a Kshatriya man marry Vaishya woman?

I have heard from my friend that Kshatriya man can marry Vaishya woman. Is it true? What do our scriptures say on this?
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How do I prove casteism is not an inherent part of Hinduism?

I understand Bhagavad gita says varna is by profession and not by birth. But how should I explain it to a non-hindu or an atheist who is too ignorant to read hindu books and argues that casteism is an ...
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Who becomes a Brahmin?

I just want to know what makes a Brahmin. Does that depends on the karma? Does that depends on the fate? Does that depends on learning Vedas? Some say that next birth of Brahmin is a cow. Is that ...
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Who are chandalas?

When chandalas are mixed caste then they worship Hindu gods, what is chandalas relation with Hinduism. Are chandalas foreigners.
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What scriptures say that Prana Pratishtha is removed by a Chandala's touch?

As I discuss in this question, by far the most popular school of Hindu philosophy is the Vedanta school. But there are five other Astika or orthodox schools of Hindu philosophy: Purva Mimamsa, Samkhya,...
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Can Hinduism work in a classless society?

I'm not Hindu but it's my understanding that there are Hindu texts that specify a caste system. Must these systems be followed, or is something like a classless society as outlined by Marx (minus the ...
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Lord Shiva’s Curse and the Origin of Chandalas

An answer to what are the duties of children born from an intermixing of castes?, beautifully describes that a chandala is one born of the pratiloma union of a Sudra man and a Brahmin woman and their ...
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Definition and ritualistc rights of vrAtyas in the present day

As per the dharmasAstrAs, a vrAtya is defined as one who has (or is descended from one who has) failed to be initiated at the proper time or who has ignored chanting of the Gayatri for over three ...
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According to guṇa-based varṇa system, can a Christian or Muslim be also a brāhmaṇa, kṣatriya, etc?

According to proponents of guṇa-based varṇa system (i.e., those that do not believe you are born into one specific Hindu varṇa), can a Christian or Muslim be also a brāhmaṇa, kṣatriya, etc., based ...
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Are there finer classifications than the 4-varna/guna classification in scripture?

Priests, Warriors, Traders, Labourers is fine and dandy but where do scientists, journalists and artists, to name a few temperaments/occupations, fit into this? I remember reading that a Soviet ...
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