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Do our scriptures talk about life span of Tridev? [duplicate]

Brahma, Vishnu (Vishnu of the Universe, not eternal Maha Vishnu who resides in Paramapadam), Rudra (not the eternal Shiva) are the trimurthis where Brahma's life span is 100 years is defined. ...
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Immortality of Shiva, Brahma and Vishnu [duplicate]

Is Vishnu only immortal or Shiva and Brahma also are immortal ? (I know that all afterall are the same, but just for knowing because i read somewhere that only Vishnu is immortal)
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What will happen to Indra's wife Shachi and Indra's mother Aditi when Bali takes over the post of Indra in 8th manvantara? [duplicate]

In the Vamana Avatara, Lord Vishnu had given a boon to Asura king Bali that he would become Indra in the 8th manvantara. So what will happen to Aditi and Shachi? Will they leave the heaven with ...
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Do Gods die in Hinduism?

In Christianity, God dies. Something similar concept is there in Norse mythology. Are there any stories in Hinduism about the death of Gods? P.S. I am not talking about avatars.
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Death of Lord Shiva?

Is Lord Shiva dead? Where is he? Is he still in Shiva Avatar or has engaged in a new Avatar for Kaliyuga? As @keshav said in comment that he's the one that runs each Pralaya while Brahma is asleep, ...
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Why Maa Lakshmi says that neither Lord Brahma nor Lord Vishnu only Lord Shiva commands her to move from one place to another.?

According to Mahabharata.: “śrīruvāca na mā̃ virōcanō vēda nāyaṁ vairōcanō baliḥ. āhurmā̃ duḥsahētyēvaṁ vidhitsēti ca mā̃ viduḥ.|7 bhūtirlakṣmīti māmāhuḥ śrīrityēvaṁ ca vāsava. tvaṁ mā̃ śakra na ...
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Who are the parents of Lord Shiva? [duplicate]

Once upon a time, a saint asked this question to Lord Shiva: "Who is your father, Lord?". Lord Shiva replied that Brahma is his father. So who is the mother? “Who is your grandfather?” ....
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What is the history of Brahma's birth? [duplicate]

I am looking for details about Brahma's birth, his parents etc. I have never heard about it. can any one explain real detail about it,.
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What does other sects & acharyas believe in Bhagavad Gita 7.19 Sloka except Vasinava Acharayas or Sects?

Most of every acharyas accepted Bhagavad Gita is best medium to attain Moksha and gave their commentary on it. And Bhagavad Gita is also accepted as authenticate holy book in Most of every Vedanta ...
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What happens to deities at the end of their life cycle?

What happens to different deities we worship at the end of their life cycle. Will they merge back into Parabrahma?
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What's the name of the current Brahmā (ब्रह्मा)?

According to popular scripture views, Brahmā ( ब्रह्मा ) is a post, much like the Manu, Indra, Sapta-Rishis, etc., although with a huge difference in terms of their lifetime span. Again, by some ...
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Brahma Vishnu and Shiva are under the cycle of Birth and Death?

Shrimad Devi Bhagwat Puran, Skand 3, Adhyay 5, page no.123 God Vishnu prayed to Durga: said that I (Vishnu), Brahma, and Shankar are existing by your grace. We have birth (aavirbhaav) and death (...
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What actually is Vishvaroop Darshan?

When real nature of ultimate reality is beyond the physicality of the universe, beyond time & space - Which can't be described by the words then what Arjuna saw actually, because he was describing ...
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As per Shaiva theology are new Vishnu and Brahmâ are born in every Kalpa?

In the Skanda Purāṇa Verse, Shiva explains to Parvati thus - अन्यो विष्णुश्च भवति अन्यो ब्रह्मा भवत्यपि । कल्पे कल्पे मया सृष्टः कल्पे विष्णुः प्रजापतिः ॥ ८ ॥ Shiva Said - A new Viṣṇu is ...
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What happens to jivas and heavenly bodies during pralaya?

Do all jivas merge into god? What about the physical bodies as the human science today says atom is undestructible? (I would appreciate a neutral,non-sectarian question otherwise make sure your ...
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