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Which one is the true version of the many Ramayanas out there? [duplicate]

In scripture its mentioned Ramayana happened in 24th Mahayuga and now we're living in 28th Mahayuga. Then why are different versions of the Ramayana mentioned? Or are all versions of Ramayana true ...
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Is the EXACT same creation repeated in every Kalpa? [duplicate]

It is said that Brahma creates the world from his past impression. Does that mean everything is repeated again? Will I be asking his same question again in the next Kalpa?
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Does kalpa bheda explanation for reconciling different narrative in puranas have scriptural basis?

Some sects use kalpa bheda or manvantara bheda to explain contradictions in the events narrated differently in different puranas and when there exists no way to reconcile them. Does such explanation ...
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Who is Arjuna, who had captured Ravana at Narmada river?

Once Ravana is going to river Narmada to challenge with Arjuna to measure his strength. But captured by Arjuna there? Who is Arjuna here? Why did Arjuna capture Ravana? I eager to know the full ...
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Sita- Avatar of Lakshmi goddess or next birth of a pious woman?

In Ramayana, I have read somewhere that Sita is Avatar of a pious women who was a devotee of God Vishnu in previous birth. Please let me know the related sloka from Ramayana?
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How do Shaivas view and interpret the Ramayana and Mahabharata?

Do Shaivas accept that Rama and Krishna were incarnations of Vishnu? How do Shaivas view and interpret these Itihasas?
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Which scripture mentions Vishwakarma made the idols at Jagannatha?

I had always head that Vishwakarma was designing the deities at Jagannatha when he was disturbed that is why he left them incomplete. But I couldn't find any reference in the scriptures for the same. ...
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About the Ram setu bridge on a floating stones [duplicate]

Floating stones are used to build this bridge Ram Setu but now the NASA found it is under the sea however the floating stones how could sink in the ocean. Updated: Its actually the story of war ...
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Story of jaya vijaya and King Pratap bhanu

I was reading through Ramcharitmanas of Goswami Tulsidas Ji. I read the story of Raja Pratap Bhanu and he becoming Ravana in the next birth. I wondered, how is that possible when we know that Jay ...
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Reconciling the Kalpa Bheda between Devi Sati and Devi Parvati taking basis from the Puranas, including Srimad Bhagavata Purana

According to the Skanda Purana, Dēvī Sati was born in the previous Kalpa (Pitri Kalpa) before the present Śvetavārāha Kalpa and after self-immolation was reborn as Goddess Pārvatī near the end of the ...
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Did Lord Rama know that Ravana was going to come?

In the famous serial Ramayana that aired on DoorDarshan, I saw Lord Rama saying he knew that Ravana was going to come. Then he asked Lord Agni to safeguard Sita and create an illusionary Sita. Is this ...
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How Kartikeya was Born?

I have read some stories and often they contradict themselves regarding birth of Kartikeya. In some stories, it has been said that he was born with carnal desires of Shiva and Parvati. How kartikeya ...
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What are the different theories related to Ramayana? [duplicate]

Good evening folks. I just got a bit interested in our epic The Ramayana. Turns out our renowned scholar Mr. DevDutt Pattnaik disclosed that there are many forms of Ramayana. With so many renowned ...
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If a Purana Contradicts Another Purana

If a Purana contradicts another Purana, how do we know which one to go with?
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