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How do you use karma to explain the Holocaust? [duplicate]

I am able to accept that karma from past lives creates circumstances in our current life. Over the course 1000 lives, I may have done some good and bad. and a combination of that has put me in this ...
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What is Niyati? [duplicate]

I've been unable to find following answers regarding Niyati. Can anyone describe? What is Niyati? Who decides it? Is their any Deity to decide ? Or god ? Can it be changed? Or there is no Niyati at ...
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What do scriptures say about luck? [duplicate]

I am looking for scriptural references which mention for and against luck. Eg: Against luck, would be anything (but not limiting to) like hard work creates luck For luck, would be anything (but not ...
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Is life predestined or on the freewill? [duplicate]

If someone is in hard times, should he has to think that these problems are because of his past karmas for which he has to suffer or he should make an effort in order to get off of such situation? If ...
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“Everything is predetermined” - Ramana Maharishi. Can someone please provide an explanation or sources which delve into this further? [duplicate]

Below is from one of the talks with Ramana Maharishi Day by Day with Bhagavan”, Pg 78, (on 4.1.46, afternoon)] “With reference to Bhagavan’s answer [above] to Mrs. Desai’s question on the evening ...
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Love, fate and marriages [duplicate]

Is there something like we get to marry the person that God has pre written for us in our fate? Because i have seen so many love stories which dating happens for years, they will be so in love but in ...
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Is life predefined to some extent... what will happen in our life in future? [duplicate]

All Vedic astrology proves that, after many predictions of life.....if its true how will be focus on something, which we desire in our life, when its fixed we may not achieve that. Many times in ...
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It is said that what happens in the present or future are all governed by God [duplicate]

If it is true that all the things are governed by gods. Does that mean that we don't have previledge to become what we want to be. Or even how we live our life? If these things are pre defined, like ...
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What is Prarabdha? [duplicate]

What is Prarabdha? Who defines our Prarabdha? Is our Prarabdha pre-defined? Are we doing our Karmas based on our Prarabdha? Are we accumulating our Prarabdha based on our positive or negative ...
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Is it true that whatever happens to us is due to karma and karma only? [duplicate]

Whatever good or bad happens to us is due to our own karma only, Or there is a another think in play ?
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Are all the things people do already declared by Brahma Bhagwan [duplicate]

So my question is that some people says that everything you do is written in your hastharekha by Brahma. So if everything we do is written by Brahma Bhagwan then why there is Swarga and Naraka? I ...
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Does the karma from the previous life affect the current life?

I was reading this post recently where @jabahar explains about Are people always reborn as people? where user answers as — Depending upon karma a jivatma (spirit) may reborn in the body of ...
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Why is it said in Vedanta that you are not the doer of any action?

In my study of Advaita Vedanta, I have come across many references to the point that one is not the doer of any action. See for example these two verses धर्माधर्मौ सुखं दुखं मानसानि न ते विभो। ...
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Gandhari's curse to Shri Krishna

Post the Mahabharat war, Gandhari cursed Krishna that he and his kin will be destroyed 36 years from then. What is so specific about that count 36?
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Do children accumulate karma? At what age are you responsible for your karma?

If I do a bad karma without knowing or realizing properly will I receive fruits for that or not? What about children? Do they accumulate karma too? Don't they make lot of mistakes unknowingly? At ...
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