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What is significance of purple lotus in hands of Goddess Parvati?

Although I'm not a Hindu, I once had a beautiful dream about a Hindu lady who presented me with a purple lotus. The dream was AMAZING, but I didn't really understand it, but I remember seeing her eyes ...
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What is god's logic? Is karma real?

How God decide who should die first or later. If karma is real then why don't bad people die first, shouldn't bad things only happen to bad people. But it's not the case, why some good people die ...
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Asking questions against creation and doings of God in hinduism?

God gave Humans brain and the ability to think. So my question is it right or wrong to question the creations and doings of God by a human? I mean will it be considered a sin? Please help me out, I ...
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If one's destiny cannot be changed, why do the phalashrutis of shlokas mention benefits or fruits of the recitation?

For example, if a man is destined to be poor or childless, can constant recitation of the Shri Sukta make him rich or bless him with sons? Or, if a man is destined to die early in an accident, can the ...
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What is Astrology and what are its benefits? [closed]

What kind of questions can an astrologer answer (or predict the results) correctly? What are the different types of astrology? Do all of them give accurate results? Which among them is mostly used ...
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Karma-Stimulus Paradox

Consider a thought experiment :- I have an enemy. He wants to shoot me. Case A: If I receive the bullet on my body, then the most general explanation given by Hinduism is that I had a bad karma (प्रा...
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Is everything fixed and I (as a limited individual) am not the doer in spite of Heisenberg's uncertainty? [duplicate]

Is everything fixed in spite of Heisenberg's uncertainty and the so called 'doer-ship of limited individuals'? Is there free-will or is life just a movie that we are forced to watch?
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Who controls or rules my life / our lives as in all human beings ? Is it GOD or Astrological Janam Kundali or my efforts / karma?

While posting this, I got this connected post. So I understood things related to kriyamana karma & prarabdha karma when it comes to karma, but the main question I still have in my mind is, 1) "...
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What can one see of the future by realizing the Supreme?

Since some events in our lives are pre-determined and some are not (from here), if one gets knowledge of supreme and he's able to see the future, would he see only some things (pre-determined) that ...
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Papa karma and rebirth [duplicate]

If person breaks legs of animals Whether he has to spend this karma in animal birth or he can spend in human birth also?
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