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Is it true that moksha state is of infinite time? [duplicate]

Unlike most other religions hinduism says that hell and heaven are temporary and moksha is the ultimate state. My doubt is if someone reach moksha state, is it of infinite time? During hell or ...
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Liberated souls come back [duplicate]

Do the souls which attained moksha in this creation again come back to earth to undergo birth and death process in the next creation which takes place after mahapralay?
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Is reincarnation eternal? [duplicate]

The question is so clear: Is Moksha the end of samsara, i.e: the end of reincarnation, the end of repeated cycles of reincarnation. Or it is the end of suffering, i.e: reincarnation is eternal and ...
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What is the proof that I will not suffer after attaining Moksha / liberation? [duplicate]

After attaining Moksha there is no suffering. But how long I can be in a state of Moksha? What is the proof that I will not suffer ever after attaining liberation?
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Is Moksha compulsorily given to every died people by their family? [duplicate]

What is death and rebirth cycle according to Veda ? After giving Moksha, can that soul take rebirth ?
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Can you ever get trapped in samsara again after Moksha because of Karma? [duplicate]

If one attains Moksha -That is what frees a person from samsara. So it wont matter if you lie,steal or doing anything like that since you have already freed yourself so you wont get reborn hence the ...
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Is moksha only for the current universe or for forever? [duplicate]

The creation and destruction of the universe happen an infinite number of times. The current universe we are living in will end someday and then after the new universe will come. If a person gets ...
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Liberated beings after Mahakalpa [duplicate]

Do the liberated beings after Mahakalpa are again thrown into Samsara ? Is the liberated stage after Moksha only for 1 kalpa ? If moksha is really permanent ? In the above picture it also says he ...
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How were the Trimurti born?

In Hinduism, there are three supreme gods, Brahma, Vishnu & Mahesh (Shiva). Brahma is the creator, Vishnu is the protector/Preserver, and Shiva (Rudra) is the Destroyer/Regenerater. But how these ...
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What is the life cycle of a soul (atma) in Hinduism?

I am confused about the life cycle in Hinduism. What is the starting point of a soul? Yes, a soul exchanges bodies, but when does a soul take birth and how will fate be written to it (as it has no ...
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According to ShankarAchArya in Advaita, is the universe "unreal" or "unworthy"?

Recently I came across one of the key quote, which sums up Adi ShankarAchArya's Advaita philosophy: The Brahman of the Upanishads is the only Reality, and everything else—this world of manifoldness—...
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Does Shiva or Vishnu or Trikaladarshi Yogi know our Aagami Karma or our free will?

Aagami Karma is actions we do in this birth. This is generally said to be free will. See this question: Is our destiny predetermined? If yes, then why do our actions affect our karma?. Does Shiva or ...
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Can a woman get moksha?

Can a woman get moksha ? Or is getting moksha reserved only for men ? Or Does husband-wife get moksha simultaneously ?
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Does "Free Will" really exist, even if universe repeats itself in perfect pattern?

The concept of universe repeating itself is similar to philosophy of Eternal Return. Such philosophy is subscribed many ancient Indian philosophers as well. In brief: A finitely timed universe ...
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According to Hinduism who is right about free will (Vivekananda or Chanakya)?

Swami Vivekananda says "nothing is impossible you can do anything and everything, believe in that". Chanakya (Kautilya) says "fate can't be changed you have to face your bhagya". Interesting thing is ...
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