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What is the story behind the Agni Lingam? [duplicate]

As the story goes in the Purunas, Lord Vishnu and Brahma compete to find the beginning or end of the Agni Linga to establish who is the superior deity. At the end of the competition Brahma and the ...
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why do we not worship Brahma, the creator of the universe [duplicate]

i think we should worship Brahma as he created the universe and if universe would have not been created then there would be no human.
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Why bramha was cursed by siva? [duplicate]

What was the reason that Lord Brahma got Cursed by Lord Siva that he will never be worshipped.
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Why is Shiva primarily worshipped in a linga form?

In Hindu temples, the statues of the deities are present in the sanctum. But in (most) Shiva temples, only a linga is present instead of a Shiva statue. The linga worship seems to be limited only to ...
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How were the Trimurti born?

In Hinduism, there are three supreme gods, Brahma, Vishnu & Mahesh (Shiva). Brahma is the creator, Vishnu is the protector/Preserver, and Shiva (Rudra) is the Destroyer/Regenerater. But how these ...
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Why do Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva always meditate on each other?

I watched a TV serial named "Devo ke Dev Mahadev" on channel "Life Ok". In that, they mentioned several stories of Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu always meditating upon each other and connected to each ...
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Do we have any details about the oldest idol of any Hindu God found anywhere in the world?

What is the oldest idol of any Hindu God being found anywhere in the world? If possible provide some details about how much old it was. How did it look like? And what material was it made of? Please ...
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Why are Yama temples few in number?

After browsing this question on Brahma temples. I was wondering why even Yama temples are very few in the world. Yama is the god that determines whether a person(soul) is sent to Swarga lok (Heaven) ...
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Protection of cows and subsequent sins when failing in it

In India, I saw many cows roaming freely in the city. They were feasting on plastic bags. Isn't this ironic? On one hand, Hindus seem to accept that humans shouldn't harm cows. Does this not imply ...
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Varaha Avatar story versions

Though I don't know much about hindu Mythology , I know that Bhagavan Vishnu takes avatars to destroy evils. When I was reading Lord Vishnu's stories. I came to know that varaha avatara was taken by ...
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Why is sage Bhrigu called the son of Varuna the ocean god?

The Taittirya Upanishad makes up the seventh, eighth, and ninth Vallis (sections) of the Taittirya Aranyaka of the Yajur Veda. The last of these three Vallis is called the Bhrigu Valli, and this how ...
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Are there any temples for Mohini avatar?

We see many temples of Lord Vishnu, Rama, Krishna, Narasimha. Also temples for Varaha, Kurma, Hayagriva etc.. Are there any temples for Mohini avatar? Also, which avatars don't have temples and why?
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Do the Brahmanas of the Rig Veda mention Brahma and Vishnu's contest?

This excerpt from the Vidyeshwara Samhita of the Shiva Purana relates a famous story involving a contest between Brahma and Vishnu. (To read the whole Shiva Purana, see my answer here.) In this ...
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Common interpretation of Shiva purana concerning: Who is the greatest Brahma, Vishnu, or Shiva?

Is there a consensus between Followers of Vishnu, Followers of Shiva, Followers of Brahma, And adherents of Advaita Vedanta Concerning the conclusion from the quarrel between Vishu and Brahma ...
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Why does Brahma's Brahmastra destroy when his task is to create?

Lord Brahma is very well-known as the creator of the world. His task is concerned with creation. Lord Brahma's weapon is named "Brahmastra", and its work is to destroy. So when Lord Brahma is ...
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