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What will happen if one unlock all the chakra in his/her body? [duplicate] So what will happen if one unlock all 7 of these chakra.
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What do Scriptures tells us about Kundalini?

People have been talking about kundalini shakti for a long time, Can anyone suggest to me which scripture should I refer to know more about kundalini and how to do "kundalini jagran"
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Where is the Manipura Chakra located?

I read in different sources about different locations of the manipura chakra. Two finger-width under the navel, secondly the navel and thirdly the solar plexus with is two or three finger width above ...
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Why do some Hindus say "ram ram" twice?

Why do some Hindus say "ram ram" twice? why not only once like "ram" or thrice like "ram ram ram"? What is the actual reason behind that?
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Is Kundalini Concept alien to Vaishnavism?

The references mentioned in this answer to the Kundalini Concept are based on the Smartha concept and inclined to Shaivism. Is there any comment or reference to such a concept in the Pancharatra ...
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Yogic liberation like raising kundalini vs Bhakti path

I read that by raising kundalini the serpent power to crown chakra , one can attain state of samadhi , which leads to liberation. My question is , how exactly this liberation compares with 6 type of ...
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Did Mother Sati become a ghost after committing sucide?

This answer states that after suicide a person becomes a ghost. Then did mother Sati become ghost after committing suicide?
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What are the letter of alphabets (varnas) associated with each of the Seven Chakras?

Body consists of mainly seven chakras as I discuss here. In the Netra Tantra book I have; in the introductory preface part it is written: Muladhara, Swadhisthana, Manipura, Anahat, Shakini and Ajna ...
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What scriptures mention correlation between Kailasa and Sahasrara?

In the book "Autobiography of an Avadoota by Avadhoota Nadananda", author says Kailasa (mountain) literally means Sahasrara (7th Chakra which has 1000 petals and hence the name). As per Kundalini ...
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Does Hindu scripture say anything about Third Eye visions?

Recently, while meditating, I had a vision of Lord Ganesha. The vision came to my 3rd Eye. The vision was of an Elephant, with its Trunk pointed down, but swaying back and forward, almost in a ...
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Comparison between Vishnu and Shiva? [closed]

Comparison between Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva by each parts, qualities, astras etc.
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What is the most authentic form of yoga?

There are so many different practices that people call yoga. What is the most authentic in terms of being supported by Hindu scriptures?
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Scriptural Explanation of the "Siddhis" of the "Yoga Sutras"

I have always been fascinated by the section of the fabulous "Yoga Sutras" which describe the "siddhis" (psionic powers). Sri Patanjali did a marvelous task of organizing and codifying the Yoga ...
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Rudra-Vishnu-Bramha-Grandhi (ग्रन्थि)?

I read in the SREE LALITHA SAHASRANAMA STOTRAM: Muladharaika nilaya bramhagrandhi vibhedini Manipurantarudita vishnugrandhi vibhedine Aagyna-chakrantaralasdha rudra-grandhi vibhedini What is the exact ...
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Which scripture talks about chakras (energy centers) present in human?

We have been knowing that there are colors and mantra (or sound) associated with each chakras (energy centers) in subtle human body. Which scripture mentions about it? I am interested in the oldest ...'s user avatar
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