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Why are eggs not consumed by many Hindus? [duplicate]

Many of my friends are Hindus and most of them are pure vegetarians. I respect that nature but when coming to the matter of eggs, they say that eating an egg is just like killing a living thing, which ...
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Is Paan considered Sattvic? [duplicate]

Is the consumption of Paan leaf allowed under the rules of a Sattvic diet, or is it prohibited? Does it matter how it is prepared, or what other ingredients are used?
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Is beef a tamo bhakshanam? [duplicate]

I am a practicing Hindu from Kerala, India. I and my parents are vegetarians. Hindus from my part of the country, however, (Kerala) do eat beef, excluding certain upper castes, pujaris (from all ...
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Does Bhagavad Gita say anything about whether a person should eat Vegetarian or Non Vegetarian food?

Does any shloka of Gita say anything about what a person should eat. I am mainly concerned with whether it say anything about Vegetarian or Non Vegetarian diet.
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Rules for chanting Oṃ namo bhagavate Vāsudevāya

Is there any rule for chanting Mahamantra :- Oṃ namo bhagavate Vāsudevāya Or can any one chant this anywhere at anytime (while travelling, eating, sleeping, resting on bed) as we can do nama ...
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Do Hindus consume milk products?

I thought people from India, partly due to Hinduism being widespread, would be vegetarian or even vegan. But I've recently been to an Indian restaurant and even though cow meat was not on the menu as ...
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Can we eat food before we visit a temple?

My grandparents used to tell me: "You should have empty stomach before going to a Temple". When I was a child, we used to do the same. We visit a temple first and then have breakfast. But now my ...
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Why are some food items advised against by the Vedas?

The Vedas teach Hindus to avoid some food items. The list includes not only non-vegetarian food but also old food items in the vegetarian categories too (older in this sense means food items which are ...
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Is there any mention of consuming egg in any sastra or puran?

Is there any mention of consuming egg in any sastra or puran? I mean details vidhi about when to consume when to avoid. what are the merits or demerits . food value how to consume etc etc ...
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A question about blood sacrificial acts in Hinduism

I am a Hindu who is a devotee Sain Sacho Satram Das (my Satguru) whose faith is fairly strong but has a fair amount of questions about Hinduism. I believe that I will get answers to all of them on ...
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Is being Vegan necessary for spiritual growth?

Is there Any if at all relation between Spirituality & food? If yes, what is good and what is bad? I want to know if there is some proper text/scripture suggesting best food for spiritual growth? ...
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Why is curd an exception to Tamasic food even though it is fermented?

Foods are categorised into sattva, rajas and tamas based on their nature. As is stated here, tamas foods are: Food cooked more than three hours before being eaten, which is tasteless, stale, putrid, ...
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Is it sin for Brahmins if they eat artifical meat (Cultured meat)? [duplicate]

Is it sin for Brahmins if they eat artifical meat (Cultured meat )? Does scriptures scriptures say anything about this?
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What food habits are recommended in hinduism for good health? [closed]

It is mentioned in hinduism that some caste people are prohibited from eating the non-vegetarian food, so how these people will get necessary nutrients to live the normal life? Anywhere does food ...
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Is the image of eggs at temples offensive? [closed]

I have recently read that a court in India has been asked to ban Pokémon Go for these reasons: The high court in Gujarat state was asked to ban the game because its images of eggs in places of ...
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