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Why does God allow us to suffer?

If God is a force of good then why is there so much suffering in this world? I thought I had understood the answer to this question after watching this video. Basically it says that if we ...
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How can one know which path among karma, bhakti and jnana is suitable for him?

The few known ways to reach god are bhakthi marga, karma marga, gnana (jnana) marga & yoga marga. How one can know the best way which suits to him? Are there any references? For this ...
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How many distinct independent paths are there to achieve Moksha?

How many distinct independent paths/practices/methods are there to achieve Moksha? Can moksha be achieved through just one path/practice? If not, what are the minimum combinations of practice, and ...
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Why one should worship God?

I am looking for exact purpose/reason on why one should worship God? Is it because we are in god's depth as he offered us a life or is it just because god is supreme, creator of world around us? Is ...
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Are there explicit statements in the scriptures about the purpose of human life?

Some suggest the purpose of human life is happiness, but no references to explicit statements in the scriptures were provided. Are there explicit statements about the purpose of human life in the ...
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What is the meaning of Life if all is pre-written or controlled by the will of God?

Assumptions: God is the supreme Everything that we do is the will of God which may or maynot have an effect on the future Our purpose in life is to submit to God, Do good deeds, acquire punya In the ...
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In Hinduism, are you not supposed to be happy?

From what I'm gathering, you are not supposed to be "bad" obviously, but it also seems that you are not supposed to be "happy" either? Am I getting this right? [edit] Are we to exist without karma, ...
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What is the purpose of life? [duplicate]

This question may be childish or even rubbish but I have had this doubt for a long time. According to my religion, Hinduism (Sanathana Dharma), God has created all from grass to all forms of life. ...
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What is the purpose of life? Is it all about being happy or being useful to others? [duplicate]

I mean come on, we are born and we die. So what is the purpose of life?
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It is okay to believe in God , but why did we need to worship God? [duplicate]

I like the God, I like their stories, but what is his link with worship. I know worship means thinking of god always. If we do good to others, they will be happy. I.e. I can see that response is ...
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Why do we rely on god so much? [closed]

This question for me is a confusion. Why do we rely on god to get good grades, money or good life? Logically if I have worked hard to earn, I will earn. The only reason that I would talk to god is ...
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What if you felt God wanted you to create something materialistic, which leads to a life of bondage, how does one recover from that? [closed]

Just as the title says. If a person feels there purpose in life is to create something materialistic, such as scriptures that help others find there way, but at the same time the person feels like ...
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About Life I have 3 question [duplicate]

What is the purpose of life. Does God wants us to worship him. Is if only for human beings that is heaven and hell is for. What about the other living beings.
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Is our life only for Bhakti of God? [duplicate]

Is there anywhere explictly written that the purpose of our life is only Bhakti of God and nothing else. I have heard it is writen in some scripture (I think Garbha Upandishad) that when a child is in ...
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What would be the motto to live a life?according to "GEETA" or any holy book? [duplicate]

Whats the main purpose of our life,its not to be just earn money reputation in society and there need to be something else. If there is any description about that in geeta or any holy book,please ...
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