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What will be the next Yuga after Kali Yuga? [duplicate]

What will be the next Yuga after Kali Yuga?
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Is the EXACT same creation repeated in every Kalpa? [duplicate]

It is said that Brahma creates the world from his past impression. Does that mean everything is repeated again? Will I be asking his same question again in the next Kalpa?
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Could be that the dates and timeline of 4 yugas got changed when puranas were passed down orally? [duplicate]

The durations for yugas are way too large. Can it be that puranas witnessed contamination or corruption from people who weren't able to calculate the yugas correctly? Or were they exaggerated by later ...
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what will happen after kaliyug? [duplicate]

As after treta it was dvapara and then kaliyug but what after kaliyug? will it be again satyuga as cycle rotates or there will be a new yuga ?
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The yuga's- their repetition [duplicate]

I have read that kaliyuga is the last yuga which will end with catatrophism, and then again satyuga will start, Now my question is is this tetrad (of satyuga, tretayuga, dwaperyuga, kalyuga) was the ...
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What is chronological timeline (in Manvantara and Mahayuga) of Lord Vishnu incarnations/avatar?

Please tell me chronological timeline (in Manvantara and Mahayuga) of Lord Vishnu's various incarnations.
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What is the duration (Timeline) of the four "Yugas"?

What is the duration (timeline) of the four Yugas in Hindu cosmology?
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Did Rama know that he was Avatar of Lord Vishnu?

This chapter of Ramayana narrates the meeting of Garuda with Rama. न च कौतूहलं कार्यं सखित्वं प्रति काङ्क्षिणा । कृतकर्मा रणे वीर सखित्वं प्रतिवेत्स्यसि ॥६-५०-५७ "O, hero! You need not ...
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Did the Mahabharata and the Ramayana happen in the current Yuga cycle in the current Manvantara?

The Mahabharata war has been given a date of around 3300 BC by back-tracing planetary positions from scriptural references (archeo-astronomy). The Ramayana is speculated to be anywhere between a few ...
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Do the same avatars repeat in each chaturyuga?

The Manache Shlok in Marathi mentions that Ramayana happens once in a Kalpa. मना कल्पना कल्पिता कल्प कोटी| नव्हे रे नव्हे सर्वथा रामभेटी|| मना कामना राम नाही जयाला| अति आदरे प्रीती नाही तयाला|| ...
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How many times has Shiva opened his 3rd eye?

According to Hindu mythology, how many times has Shiva opened his 3rd eye and why?
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Who was the sage who witnessed Mahabharata and Ramayana multiple times?

I recently heard about time travel and am curious to know about the sage who had seen Mahabharat and Ramayan multiple times.
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Does "Free Will" really exist, even if universe repeats itself in perfect pattern?

The concept of universe repeating itself is similar to philosophy of Eternal Return. Such philosophy is subscribed many ancient Indian philosophers as well. In brief: A finitely timed universe ...
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Did Lord Shiva and Lord Rama ever meet in person?

I am reading Shiva and Sati's story where I can see that Prajapati Daksha, Lord Shiva and Sati all lived in the Treta yuga. I can also recall that Bhagavan Sri Ram also lived in the Treta yuga. ...
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Who was Kakabhusundi?

I have heard about Kakabhusundi, who described the cycle of creation and recreation of the universe. Who was he? and how had he attain such knowledge?
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