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What were the ages of Pandavas & other characters during the Mahabharata war?

I have not found any specific reference to the age of each of the Pandavas, like Arjuna and Bheema when they fought the epic Mahabharata battle. It will be also interesting to know the age of Bhishma ...
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Did the Mahabharata and the Ramayana happen in the current Yuga cycle in the current Manvantara?

The Mahabharata war has been given a date of around 3300 BC by back-tracing planetary positions from scriptural references (archeo-astronomy). The Ramayana is speculated to be anywhere between a few ...
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Why is there a huge difference regarding the liberation of Parikshit in the Mahabharata and the Bhagavatam?

The Mahabharata, one of the two Itihasas, begins with the tale of the Sarpa Satra of King Janamejaya, during which the epic was narrated to him by Janamejaya. The Sarpa Satra was a 12-year Yajna ...
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Lord Shree Rama ruled his kingdom for 11000 years?

How is it possible to rule a kingdom for so many years? Or was it like his kingdom followed his dynasty for so many years? Ravana lived more than Lord Shree Ram as per this link. How is this ...
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If the Vedas say human lifespan is 100 years, how can humans live for thousands of years in previous yugas?

This answer says that the Vedas say the average human lifespan is around 100 years. If so, how can humans live for 10,000 years plus in previous yugas? Since every word of the Veda is eternal, this ...
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Ramayana ➡ Mahabharata: 31 Ikshvaku Kings. What was the (average) age of those kings?

Book IV Chapter 4 of Vishnu Purana describes Ikshvaku dynasty as: "Rama and his brothers had each two sons. Kusha and Lava were the sons of Rama; those of Lakshman were Angada and Chandraketu; ...
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How did Satyavati die and how old was she at the time?

I read somewhere on this site that Bhishma's age was around 140 years when he died. But Satyavati was his mother, so, she must have been ~160 years old if she was alive when Bhishma died (I could be ...
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For how long did Ratnakar did penance to become Valmiki the great sage?

Is there any mention as to how long Ratnakar who was a hunter and thief did penance to wash off his sins and become a sage called Valmiki ??
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Did Rāma have Kuja doṣa? What about the Pāṇḍavas?

Did Rāma have Kuja doṣa (a.k.a maṅgala doṣa, māṅgalika)? What about the Pāṇḍavas? I see all of them exiled to the woods in their prime years. This must be the worst thing that can happen to a ...
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Will Lord Surya Die?

If the Sun loses fuel, does that correspond to Surya the Sun god getting old? If the Sun burns out, does that correspond to Surya dying? What does Hindu scripture have to say on the subject of Surya ...
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What scriptures describe medicines to remove wrinkles and grey hair?

As I discuss in this question, by far the most popular school of Hindu philosophy is the Vedanta school, which bases its tenets on the doctrines laid out in the Brahma Sutras, a work by the sage Vyasa ...
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What is the correct translation of the Mahabharata verse mentioning Drona's age?

There is a verse in Mahabharata: Drona Parva: Sanskrit verse in Devnagri: आकर्णपलितः शयामॊ वयसाशीति पञ्चकः तवत्कृते वयचरत संख्ये स तु षॊडद वर्षवत Sanskrit verse in IAST ...
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