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How does the concept of reincarnation fit in with heaven and hell? [duplicate]

I am trying to understand how the concept of the 7 heavens and 7 hells fits in with reincarnation in Hinduism. It was my understanding that a person with Sattvic qualities would be reborn to Sattvic ...
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Reincarnation , hell, heaven & moksha etc. please give quotation according to either Vedas or other imp. books in Hinduism [duplicate]

If Hinduism believes in cycle of reincarnation,then when will the person go to heaven(swarga loka)or hell( naraka ),and how and what is moksha?
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If there is hell and heaven in Hinduism. Then why is there rebirth and moksh? [duplicate]

We see the concept of rebirth and moksha , while we also see hell and heaven in Hinduism. Garuda purana says a lot about punishments in hell Also read
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What is the need for hell when we also have to suffer the reactions of karma [duplicate]

It is my understanding that we all have to either enjoy or suffer for our actions good or bad- in millions of life times if we continue to be in ignorance. That being the case, what is the need to ...
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Does Hinduism have a heaven and hell of the Abrahamic kind? [duplicate]

In Abrahamic faiths, heaven and hell are physical destinations after one dies. In Hindu philosophy- there do seem to be heaven and hell- but also reincarnation. How are these two made compatible?
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Suffering and Punishment [duplicate]

We get a life based on our past life. If we have done something bad in our past life, we suffer in this life and so on and so forth. But my question is, after death also, if we have done something ...
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Why do we need Yamalokam?

Given that Karma and punarjanma (rebirth) are the prime beliefs of Hinduism, why do we need Yamalokam and punishment in it? I mean, through Karma, the fruits of both good and bad deeds are obtained ...
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What are Five Layers (Pancha Kosha) of Human?

While going through I found scriptures depicting about Pancha Kosha, suggesting the Atman is not just inside the physical body but is actually wrapped up in these Five Kosha. What are these Pancha ...
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Is there heaven/hell in between death and rebirth?

According to Hinduism, What happens between death and rebirth? Does the soul go to heaven/hell in between? If so, does rebirth occur irrespective of whether the soul went to heaven or hell?
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Why are we getting punished in hell?

According to astrologers, each and every second of incidents of a person takes place according to his planetary positions. If that is the case, we do bad and good actions, that is also caused by the ...
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Why some deeds are experienced in hell and heaven and some in earth?

We will go to heaven for our dharma activities and hell for adharma activities and experience them for a while. Affter that we will take birth and experience a life also according to the dharma and ...
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Is there a permanent hell? [duplicate]

Madhvas believe in eternal hell, but what is the standard view (before the rise of Dvaita Vedanta)? If not, are souls that do not attain Moksha eternally trapped in this cycle of countless births and ...
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