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Is Dharma is equal to Religion? [duplicate]

This is a bit confusing. Sometimes public use dharma in the same sense as the English word religion. But as per Wikipedia entry for Dharma: There is no single word translation for dharma in ...
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Killing animals, Karma and our birth

My question has two different aspects. In Hindu religion, it is considered bad to kill animals, but in Islam it is said that animals are just for our use e.g., use them as food, transport etc. (...
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Under what circumstances god take an incarnation?

Under what circumstances god take an incarnation? How does GOD decide that this the time for his incarnation? Like if we consider Sai Baba: people consider him incarnation of Lord Shiva or Lord ...
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Explanation of SrimadBhagwadGita verse 18.66

Please explain in detail what Sri Krishna wants to say in the verse 18.66 of Srimad Bhagwad Gita : १८-६६|| सर्वधर्मान्परित्यज्य मामेकं शरणं व्रज | अहं त्वा सर्वपापेभ्यो मोक्षयिष्यामि मा शुचः
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Does karma have anything to do with the Lord we worship?

Different people worship different forms of Lord. One worships Krishna while the other worships Lord Shiva. Does their previous karma related with the god they worship? If so, how For example, Arjuna ...
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Why did God manifest himself?

In the unmanifested state, there is no maya which means the soul was already in pure state. So why did God decide to manifest himself, why he created different universes? Under Maya, the same ...
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Were there any other religions during the treta and dwapar yuga?

I know that sanatana dharma is the oldest religion. But are there any evidences or any mentions of other religions in the vedas? If yes,what were the religions?
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is proselytization into hindu-dharma consistent with bhagavad gita?

श्रेयान्स्वधर्मो विगुणः परधर्मात्स्वनुष्ठितात् । स्वधर्मे निधनं श्रेयः परधर्मो भयावहः ।।3.35।। 3.35 - It is far better to discharge one’s prescribed duties, even though faultily, than another’s duties ...
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is the Hindu sect you are born into considered your svadharma?

if yes - then Bhagavad Gita would say that you shouldn't convert to another sect. I am asking this question in regard to the Vaishnavite temple a smarta guy opened in New York state. To me it is ...
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Boat on water vs boat on land story, as allegory to religion

Background Many years ago I heard a TV presenter talking about religion, and I remember him saying something like: Like [ guru name ] said, religion is like a boat. It is very useful to to cross a ...
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