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Who is Supreme? [duplicate]

For Vaishnavites Vishnu is the Supreme, Brahman For Shivaites Shiva is the Supreme, Brahman If we ourself have confusion in Hinduism who is the supreme, how can we explain to a person who is new to ...
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How were the Trimurti born?

In Hinduism, there are three supreme gods, Brahma, Vishnu & Mahesh (Shiva). Brahma is the creator, Vishnu is the protector/Preserver, and Shiva (Rudra) is the Destroyer/Regenerater. But how these ...
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Supreme Brahman in Hinduism

Here is What i understood after reading various stories from Puranas and Mahabharatha and theories of Creationism. Vishnu Purana states Vishnu is Supreme God or Supreme Brahman. Also I read ...
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Proof of Vedic or Indic origin of Vaishnavism (Monotheistic Supremacy of Vishnu)?

Edit: This question is not a duplicate as it is asking about the specific verses mentioned and not a generic question about Vedic Vasihnavism. Please know the difference. I was watching a Christian ...
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Can anyone with Rajo or Tamo Guna predominant be devotee of Sri Vishnu?

I have read about how we should develop Sattvic guna to be devotee of Sri Vishnu or His Avatars. But can anyone with rajasic or tamasic guna predominant be devotee of Sri Vishnu? If yes, I would love ...
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What's the name of the current Brahmā (ब्रह्मा)?

According to popular scripture views, Brahmā ( ब्रह्मा ) is a post, much like the Manu, Indra, Sapta-Rishis, etc., although with a huge difference in terms of their lifetime span. Again, by some ...
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Does Shiva embody all the Gunas?

This is the source question asked by another user, with respect to which the above is asked.
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Why is Shiva called as Brahman by Tulasidasji?

Tulasidas ji writes "jeev anek, ek srikanta" Or there are many jivas but only one god, the husband of Shri. So that would imply that one and only God is Lord Rama ie husband of Sri, then why ...
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How do the Vedas sing, at the beginning middle and end, of Brahman?

(At least read the main Question portion, the explanation before it and the note below it are very long) One has to understand a scripture gets its sanctity when it is attributed to wholly to Brahman. ...
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How does one figure out what is metaphorical(symbolic) and what is real, even the gods?

There are a lot of god-descriptions (and others) in Hinduism, a lot of which are said to be metaphorical. For example, the snake around Lord Shiva's neck, is in some stories said to be a metaphor for ...
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Who is the supreme God according to the Varaha Purana?

Who is the supreme God according to the Varaha Purana? Is Lord Shiva the supreme God in the Varaha Purana?
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Why do the vedas have hymns to worship demi gods (Agni, Indra, etc) but gita say not to worship demigods? [duplicate]

अग्ने पवस्व स्वपा अस्मे वर्चस्सुवीर्यम् । दधद्रयिं मयि पोषम् ।। O Agni, The God of true deeds! Give us righteous valor and splendor of mind. Give to me Your riches and Your sustenance. - Rigveda 9.66....
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Did the worship of Adi Parashakti come in the later Yugas?

I have heard that in the Satya Yuga only Narayana was worshipped although there were devatas. Here I'm talking about the supreme God. Is it Narayana or Adi Parashakti? It can't be both I'm sure.
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