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Does the present Brahma have a name (apart from Brahma or Prajapati or Hiranyagarbha)? [duplicate]

This question assumes Brahma is not Brahman but is a post that gets filled by different entities over time. Do we know the names of previous Brahmas, like we know the names of many Manus? EDIT: What ...
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The verse which particularly says that it's the same Lord Brahma who takes birth from Lord Vishnu's navel everytime.?

I saw a screenshot of a verse in Quora last year or so, in some answer or comment where Lord Vishnu says to Lord Brahma that "It was you only who took birth from my navel last 7 times or so and ...
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As per Shaiva theology are new Vishnu and Brahmâ are born in every Kalpa?

In the Skanda Purāṇa Verse, Shiva explains to Parvati thus - अन्यो विष्णुश्च भवति अन्यो ब्रह्मा भवत्यपि । कल्पे कल्पे मया सृष्टः कल्पे विष्णुः प्रजापतिः ॥ ८ ॥ Shiva Said - A new Viṣṇu is ...
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What does the word "birth" means in Brahma's seventh birth.?

Vaishampayana while narrating Hayagriva story, details how Brahma worshipped Narayana. The Mahabharata, Book 12.: Santi Parva.: Section CCCXLVIII.: In that Brahma says as follows.: As regards myself, ...
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Is the vedic supreme God different from the puranic supreme God?

Is the vedic supreme God different from the puranic supreme God? If not, then why is the puranic concept of God trimurty and vedic concept, brahman?
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How much time has been passed of current Brahma's life span?

I heard from one of my friends that half of current Brahma's time is passed, is that true? How much time has been passed of current Brahma?
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What happens to deities at the end of their life cycle?

What happens to different deities we worship at the end of their life cycle. Will they merge back into Parabrahma?
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Is Indra being a temporary post described in Vedas?

I'm asking from all four part of Vedas, was Indra ever changed?
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What is the Life span of the Hindu Gods.?

I have seen an article at the following url it says all god have live span including Vishnu, Shiva and Par Brahm (Akshar Purush). Is there any evidence in Hindu books that Shiva and Vishnu also go ...
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Moksha for the Soul of Brahma

The life of Brahma is 100 years of Brahma. More information on Hindu Cosmology We are in 51st year of the current Brahma's Life Year. I also know that after Brahma dies, Brahma (the soul in that ...
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Is Hanuman going to be future Brahma?

I have read in multiple forums, which talks about Hanumana being rewarded as future Brahma. Can anyone point out, where exactly it is mentioned that he is going to be future Brahma?
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Do Gods die in Hinduism?

In Christianity, God dies. Something similar concept is there in Norse mythology. Are there any stories in Hinduism about the death of Gods? P.S. I am not talking about avatars.
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