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Is Moksha a permanent state?

In Bhagavat Geeta (Chapter 9 Verse 7), it is said that the Jeevas are created at the start of Kalpa, and this cycle keeps on repeating for-ever. This implies that the Mukti or Moksha is not a ...
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Where did Ravan go after his death by lord Ram?

As ravan was killed by lord Ram, so he should go to heaven. I also read from some post Ravan took rebirth as another Rakhasa and killed by lord Krishna in Mahabharat. Why did Ravan not go to heaven? ...
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Does "Free Will" really exist, even if universe repeats itself in perfect pattern?

The concept of universe repeating itself is similar to philosophy of Eternal Return. Such philosophy is subscribed many ancient Indian philosophers as well. In brief: A finitely timed universe ...
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Is it true that if supreme lord kills someone then she/he will attain Moksha?

Moksha is the main goal of human life, people who do good karma attain Moksha. Is it true that if supreme lord kills someone then she/he will attain Moksha? The story of Pūtanā is an example
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What is the story of Kalanemi who was reborn as Kamsa?

The Sambhava Parva of Mahabharat mentions that Kamsa was a rebirth of the demon Kalanemi: "There was also born on earth a mighty Asura known amongst the Danavas by the name of Kalanemi, endued with ...
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Do same events repeat in every Yuga?

Do same events repeat in every "Yuga" ? I mean I heard that Ramayana occurs in every "Treta Yuga" several times in vast time cycles. In the same way for example, will Michael Jackson be born in ...
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What's the point in striving for moksha?

Whatever we see around us (manifestation and everything) is nothing but Brahman's play/leela. This is told in a few texts.  Brahmasutra 2.1.33 लोकवत्तु लीला कैवल्यम्। lokavattu līlā kaivalyam। ...
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Why did Sanat Kumar gave Curse to Dawarpaala since they were just doing their job?

The story that I'm talking about is of the Sanat Kumaras (Son of Brahma) visit to the Vaikuntha. And they gave curse to Jaya and Vijaya to reborn for 3 times. As result they reborn as Hiranyaksha and ...
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Can an unmarried man get Moksha or even heaven?

Most Rishis were married . Only Rishi that I know who was unmarried was Maharishi Kapila ( founder of Sankhya Yog) Suka ( Veda Vyas's son) initially decided to remain unmarried but he too eventually ...
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Does following line states Brahma repeats same incidents everyday?

BG 2.12 - But certainly never was a time, when I did not exist, nor you, nor these rulers of men. And surely it is not that we all shall cease to exist after this. I read this line on this answer and ...
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