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Does Law of Karma apply on animals/birds? [duplicate]

I wanted to know whether Law of Karma applies on animals/birds and other non-human creatures? Since all the animals(if not all), are dependent on other animals/creatures for food/living; how the law ...
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Law of karma applies to monkeys also? [duplicate]

Since we all know that man is evaluation from monkeys. Previously all our anscestors were monkey. So law of karma today, do gets applied to Monkeys also?
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Papa karma and rebirth [duplicate]

If person breaks legs of animals Whether he has to spend this karma in animal birth or he can spend in human birth also?
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Are new souls created? [duplicate]

According to Hinduism, Reincarnation (Rebirth) does occur, but it is somewhat related to Karma. Also, I felt that Human is ultimate species in Hinduism, so now the question arises that does god create ...
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Soul, rebirth, humans and animals

For human the soul is child of supreme soul. Soul takes birth and leave the body until it gets MOKHSA. But what about animal's soul, will they always take birth as animal and who is supreme or manager ...
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Were cows sacrificed in Gomedha Yagnas brought back to life as Chaitanya Mahaprabhu says?

In the Chaitanya Charitamrita, the traditional biography of Gaudiya Vaishnava founder Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, a Muslim Kazi asks Chaianya Mahaprabhu about the Gomedha Yagna, a Vedic fire-ritual where ...
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What exactly Hinduists believe in? [closed]

i am doing a project on Hiddhuism and i am searching for it,but i cannot really understand in what hinduists believe in...Also it would be useful if someone can clarify in what hinduists believe in as ...
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Regarding rebirth of animals and other non humans

The human birth is considered to be an opportunity to realise oneself and attain moksha through punya karmas. Hence only the vedas propound such truths. My question is regarding animals, how could ...
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Does Hinduism consider animals as well as lower life forms to have a moral compass?

If the law of karma applies to all living things, one would have to infer that lower life forms and animals are endowed with some kind of moral compass. If not, a human being who is evil and is reborn ...
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About Life I have 3 question [duplicate]

What is the purpose of life. Does God wants us to worship him. Is if only for human beings that is heaven and hell is for. What about the other living beings.
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