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Are women allowed to undergo upanayana? [duplicate]

It is generally accepted that only males can undergo upanayana and that women do not have the right it. However, according to the Wikipedia article on upanayana, women in some regions are allowed to ...
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Is the Anukramani index of sages and deities of the Rig Veda available online?

As I discuss in this answer, how the Vedas originated is that from time immemorial, sages known as Dhristas have heard mantras (sacred verses) directly from the gods during a state of Tapasya (deep ...
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Are there any temples for Matsya, Kurma, and Varaha avatars?

Are there any temples for the following three avatars of Vishnu? Matsya Kurma Varaha If yes, please share some information about some popular temples for them.
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Why are women not allowed to chant the Gayatri mantra?

Many say that girls/women are not supposed to chant the Gayatri mantra. Is there any specific reason for this? Since it is one of the most powerful mantras, would it be good if women also chant the ...
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Why do women not wear Yagnopaveetham (Janeu or Poonal)?

In this question it is said that the three strands of the poonal signify the debts to parents, teachers and sages. If so, aren't these debts also meant for women? Why is it that women do not wear ...
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Why do sanyasa scriptures degrade women?

I found many anti-women verses in "so called" Sanyasa-upanishads. I am disappointed to see such hatred and prejudice towards women. Women are compared with objects, animals and what not ! ...
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Mantras to attract a male [closed]

I watched the video by Dr. Pillai and two others explaining that chanting AIM will bring about a male companion, as opposed to KLEEM attracting females. This intrigued me. I want to know why this ...
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Did Adi Shankara say that women and low castes cannot attain moksha?

According to a Facebook post, Adi Shankara taught his followers that women and low caste people are exempted from attaining moksha. This is what the bizarre post said: Vedanta holds that this ...
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Who were the ancient women Rishikas in Vedas? What are the verses in Vedic scriptures which allow women to read Vedas?

Are there any Women Rishikas in Vedas ? And are there any rules and proofs Grihya Sutras and other scriptures that women can wear thread?
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Are there sects that prohibit their women from uttering "Om"?

There is a chap on u-tube that says women should not say "Om" - they should say "am".
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How to live a life according to our scripture? [duplicate]

In other religions, they are get to know what they can do and don't during prayer meetings.In Islam most of them perform their Nithya karma without any fail...even if they have doubts they can ask ...
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Are Brahmavadini women allowed to marry and have sex?

Brahmavadini women are women who learn the Vedas, recite mantras, and do Yajnas, as stated here. My question is, can they marry and have sex with their husbands? According to the translator's note ...
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Women and Hinduism

It's traditionally believed that some hymns of Vedas have been authored by women. How does one reconcile this with the fact that women are not allowed to recite vedas? (Are those author women ...
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Is the practice of Gayatri Parivar allowing everyone to undergo Upanayana (Janaeu) ceremony adharmika?

It's a well-known fact about the Gayatri Parivar's stance on allowing everyone (including married women, non-Hindus, and Śhūdras, etc.) to undergo the sacred thread ceremony (Upanayana or Yagnopavita ...
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Is there any original detailed treatise on the rituals (Kalpa Vedanga) of the Vedas other than the Kalpa Sutras and who is the propagating Rishi?

Understanding Scriptures - Part 2 Summary: The questions are right at the end indicated in big bold letters. One can get a summarised view by reading the question section. The logic and reason of ...
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