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What is the purpose of life? [duplicate]

This question may be childish or even rubbish but I have had this doubt for a long time. According to my religion, Hinduism (Sanathana Dharma), God has created all from grass to all forms of life. ...
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Why pain and suffering? [duplicate]

We see a lot of conflicts, accidents, diseases, poverty, pain and suffering around us in our day to day life. I often wonder why god created so much misery and so little goodness. What is His plan ...
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Why must there be suffering at all? [duplicate]

It seems that suffering is an important, yet disliked, component of all kinds of life, in every epoch. As if there can never be no suffering. If the Gods are eternally blissful, then why must ...
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Why Does Torture Exist? [duplicate]

please give me your best explanation from a spiritual point of view (from Brahman's point of view). I am not talking about what can be called "meaningful pain." I am speaking of meaningless pain, ...
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Is the ultimate purpose of life only to serve God?

I wonder at this question, because as with most major religions, it seems all you are mostly meant to do is to serve/devote yourself to God. It also seems that even in Hinduism this is the only way to ...
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What is the life cycle of a soul (atma) in Hinduism?

I am confused about the life cycle in Hinduism. What is the starting point of a soul? Yes, a soul exchanges bodies, but when does a soul take birth and how will fate be written to it (as it has no ...
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Have any Hindu philosophers attempted to solve the Riddle of Epicurus?

The Epicurean Paradox or the Riddle of Epicurus goes something like this: If God is willing to prevent evil but not able, then He is not omnipotent. If He is able (to prevent evil) but not ...
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Does Shiva or Vishnu or Trikaladarshi Yogi know our Aagami Karma or our free will?

Aagami Karma is actions we do in this birth. This is generally said to be free will. See this question: Is our destiny predetermined? If yes, then why do our actions affect our karma?. Does Shiva or ...
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Why does only Uppiliappan have "Mam Ekam Saranam Vraja" written on his hand?

Most people only know about the Venkateshwara form of Vishnu (AKA Balaji or Srinivasa) in connection to the deity of the world-renowned Tirumala Venkateshwara Temple in Tirupati. But that is not the ...
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If God is both omniscient and omnibenevolent, then, why do we need to pray?

The question I asked earlier on the Riddle of Epicurus was really a question on God's omnipotence and omnibenevolence, but here, I want to ask about God's omniscience and omnibenevolence. If God is ...
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Where is the passage about silence and Brahman preserved by Adi Shankaracharya?

In this excerpt from his book "Spiritual Heritage of India", Swami Prabhavananda quotes a number of passages from the Upanishads concerning the indescribability of Brahman. In particular, ...
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Why do Vadakalai Sri Vaishnavas believe that Advaita liberation is not eternal?

Members of the Sri Vaishnava sect of Hinduism, especially the Iyengars (Sri Vaishnavas who are Brahmanas), are divided into two sub-sects, Thenkalais and Vadakalais. These two sub-sects both agree on ...
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Why God Imprisoned us here?

I understand from vedic scriptures that God created the souls and gave free will in the spiritual world, but the souls denied God's love and become materialistic. So Inorder to teach the souls a ...
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Untruthfulness as the unpardonable sin?

Here is another quote from Swami Prabhavananda The Spiritual Heritage of India (1962; from a section on the Ramayana and Rama) concerning truth: This extreme devotion to truth is to be understood ...
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Is creation cosmic injustice?

God imposes bondage on us during creation deprive us from exalted state of consciousness. But we are supposed to put our own efforts to liberate. How is this justice? God puts veil of ignorance on us ...
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