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Views of Hinduism on self pleasure? [duplicate]

What does the Holy book say (if there's any mention) about Masturbation, is it considered a sin? Please provide a source if possible.
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What does Hinduism say about female masturbation? [duplicate]

Women in past were generally thought of as inferior to men, and thus there were a lot of things that women were restricted from practicing (and often punished if found guilty for practicing the same) ...
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Is masturbation adharma? Doesnt it form a part of purushartha (kama)? [duplicate]

It is against principles of Brahmacharya. But is it against dharma?
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Is masturbation itself a sin or are the lustful thoughts associated with masturbating? [duplicate]

Please provide direct quotes from texts please. EDIT: I don't think this question is the same as another one in this forum because that question doesn't separate masturbation from lustful thoughts, ...
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What is Hinduism's view on porn?

What is Hinduism's view on porn? Please include verses to back it up. If there are no verses than what are the opinions of general public or people known in the research area? https://en.wikipedia....
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Vedas and Vedic dharma on homosexuality

This link describes that the Vedas have no problem with homosexuality: In contemporary India LGBT people face discrimination and marginalization. This results from cultural attitudes imposed by the ...
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What do scriptures say about using swear or abusive words for cursing people?

I am asking this question from a modern perspective. Does Hinduism consider the use of abusive words as "Vaani Hinsa"? Is there any punishment for this and also does it affect our deeds (...
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What is the importance of Brahmacharya (Celibacy) in Hinduism?

Many saints and yogis practice Brahmacharya(Celibacy) for whole life. What are the benefits of Brahmacharya and how important is this practice according to Sanathana Dharma? What are the rules to be ...
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How can a man completely get relieved of curses and sins?

How can a man completely get relieved of curses and sins he committed during his earthly life? Please quote from Hindu scriptures instead of vague answers.
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Do scriptures classify nightfall as sin?

Ejaculation during sleep happens without explicit masturbation. According to Hinduism, masturbation is a sin. But does Hinduism classify ejaculation during sleep as a sin?
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Is Kamasutra a Hindu religious text?

The Wikipedia entry on Kamasutra does say it is a Hindu religious text, but as Wikipedia cites two references both of which are not of Indian origin, and then there is another reference which says : ...
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Wasting Sperm on masturbation

Suppose, a couple is trying for a child. In that case, prior to that, how long should the husband conserve the semen (avoid masturbation/or sex) for a good child. Like, I have read scientific works ...
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Is Masturbation Bad For Me

Is it wrong to masturbate after wearing a Janeu? Please someone answer to my question. Thank you!
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What should we do if we are single and can't perform/maintain celibacy or brahmacharya?

Is Brahmacharya compulsory for a Hindu single boy?
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I am brahmin ( not following brahmachari) but does Sandhyavandane, etc!

I am brahmin ( not following brahmachari) but does Sandhyavandane, etc! Can I masturbate? Will that make me impure? Should I change my janeu later? Please answer!
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