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Indra's name as Shatakratu [duplicate]

Devendra got the seat of heaven only after performing 100 Yajnas. So, he is known as Shatakratu. What was he before and any details of the Yajnas he performed is available in Purana ?
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What is the story of "Kali Maa"?

Will anyone please tell me the origin of Kali Maa? What is the relation between Shiva and Parvati?
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Can we become God?

Can we become God? Most people believe that the Gods that we are worshipping are fixed and no human can reach the state of God. Is this true? If a person is born and lives as the purest one and ...
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Did Prahalad attack Devaloka in his lifetime?

I can recall that I read in a question that Prahalad once attacked Devaloka and maybe won over Indra. I wanted to know if it is true or not and if true, then what is the story behind this and why did ...
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Why Devraj Indra was chosen as the king of the Devas? [duplicate]

How Devraj Indra became the king of all Devas? I mean how and why he was chosen as the king?
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What was the purpose of Vishnu's incarnation as Rama's ancestor Mandhata?

Most people only know about Vishnu's incarnation Rama, who was a king of the solar dynasty. But many generations before Rama, Vishnu incarnated as another solar dynasty king, known as Mandhata (AKA ...
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Where do the Vedas say that a single Vajapeya Yagna will make you the next Indra?

The term "Shaivite" is overused nowadays. For instance, Iyer Brahmins are often called Shaivites, but they're actually followers of Adi Shankaracharya's Smartha sect (which I discuss here and here), ...
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Is Vinayaka an individual or a position like Indra?

We know that Indra is a position attained by different persons. Present Indra is Purandara. This answer by explains how he attained the position of Indra. There are occasions where he lost the throne ...
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"Indra is the position of being the king of the gods which changes in every Manvantara": What does this mean?

Does the above sentence mean that the same God is not identified as "Indra" in every manvantara?
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In spite of his promiscuity why is Indra worshipped? [duplicate]

Indra was considered as king of Gods. But if we see his personal life, we learn that he has kidnapped many females few of whom were married and few were unmarried. Some of these were daughters/wives ...
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