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Pranavam's combination is A U M. What is the significance of this and who are the main actors of Aa Uu and Mm? [duplicate]

Pranavam [OM] is having the the combinations of Aa, Uu and Ma. The Pranavam is entirely submerged in these 3 letters. Aa, Uu and Ma is AUM [OM]. Everybody knows it. But how paramatma jeevatma and ...
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What is Meaning of Omkar [duplicate]

What is meaning of Sanskrit word Omkar/Aumkar and Omkareshwar. Please don't tell me that its jyotirlinga, I already know it, I want to know the meaning of word Omkar.
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The symbol for 'OM' ॐ [duplicate]

I have been wondering for quite a long time now about the symbol for 'OM' and it's association with 'Shiva'. My questions are: Are Om symbol ॐ & Shiva correlated, if yes then how exactly? (the ...
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Who is God? or What is God? or What is ॐ? [duplicate]

Watched an episode (broadcast on 25/09/2014 on Life Ok) of "Devo Ke Dev Mahadev", an epic serial on Lord Shiva. From this episode i came to know that ॐ (Om/Aum) is the everything in which all universe ...
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Significance of Symbol from Asura's Wrath [duplicate]

In the above image, at the mid-bottom section of the screen, is shown a symbol, of whose origin i do not know, appearing within the final fight between Asura and Chakravartin in the game: Asura's ...
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What is the meaning of "Aum"? [duplicate]

I have heard that many saints saying aum when they are in meditation. Not only saints, but many mantras like: aum namah shivaya; aum sreekrishnaya namah have "aum" present in it. Questions: ...
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Reason of using omm in mantra? [duplicate]

Why is omm used before every mantra to please lord? e.g. Why is omm used before namoh bhagawate rudraya. i understand the latter words like namoh = namaste/bow, bhagawate = bhagawan, rudraya = rudra. ...
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Why "Rama" Nama is called Taraka mantra?

At Manikarnika Ghat of Varanasi (Kashi), Lord Shiva liberates the dead by saying "Taraka mantra" in ears of the dead. Many Puranas assert this fact. Chapter 30, Purvavadha , Kasi Khanda of Skanda ...
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What is the meaning of Om Tat Sat?

At the end of each chapter of Bhagwat gita, I found "Om Tat Sat". My questions are: What Is the meaning of Om Tat sat Or Hari Om Tat Sat? What is the significance of writting this at the end?
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What are the components of the word om (ॐ)

Every word in Sanskrit can be further divided into letters that cannot be divided further. In this context, what are the letters that are further indivisible, used to form om ॐ in Sanskrit?
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Does every mantra begin with/contain ॐ(Aum)?

OP claimed in this question that: Every mantra begins with the word ॐ (Aum/Om). Is that true? Are there any mantras that don't have ॐ in them?
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Pronunciation of Om

What is the correct pronunciation of Om? Is it Om, Aum, Oom or any other pronunciation? People pronunce it many different ways. Arya Samajials pronounce it as Oom. Chinese, Japanese and Tibetans have ...
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Why is Om believed as Pranav mantra? although humming sound Mmm.. in the AUM chant is the Pranav/moola mantra

Mmm, the humming sound of a bee, is the Pranava mantra. This is the sound of our Pranan or breathing. That's why it is called Pranava - the sound of breathing. Why is this fact not preached? Often ...
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Map Om to Create, Maintain, Destroy [closed]

I have googled this but in vain. Trying to find a visual that explains how Om or AUM represents creation, maintenance, and destruction. Would like to draw parallel between OM and systems engineering ...
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How is “Om” best name and whom does it represent?

In story of Ajamil, I found out that chanting the name of god destroys the sins. He said “Narayana” when he was dying. In Stayarth Prakash , it is written that “Om” is the best name of god. But it ...
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