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Did lord Brahma commit incest with his daughter?

According to Shiva purana, "Brahma desired Sarasvati and went to her, asking her to stay with him. She, being his daughter, was furious at this and said, 'Your mouth speaks inauspiciously and so ...
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What is the punishment for consensual sex in Hinduism?

If someone has sex with a maid or someone else's wife with their permission (mutual consent), what is the punishment for it as per Hindu scripture?
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What is the story of surya's wives?

I know Surya is associated with Sanjana and Chayya but I have known so many variations of the story from local books. So I want to know what is the story of Surya's wife from scriptures, are ...
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Is Yami the twin sister of Yama?

I want to know more about Yami. It is believed that there was a twin sister of Yama named Yami.
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What is the origin of Brahma's four heads?

Brahma, the creator of the universe, is depicted as having four heads. Is there a story behind it?
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What scriptures describe Krishna's lover Nappinnai?

Most people know about Radha, who is said to be Krishna's lover and his favorite among the Gopis, whom Krishna spent time with during his childhood in Vrindavan and Gokulam. She's revered by many ...
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Why is it forbidden to marry a person with the same Gotra?

In Hinduism, why is it forbidden to marry a person with the same Gotra? Is it mentioned in the scriptures somewhere? Does it make sense to overlook the restrictions in today's world?
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Rudra's confrontation with the Devas at Yajna and slaying of Prajapathi

I am referring to this blog where the following is stated: There is a persistent motif of the deva Rudra (Śiva) being originally refused ritual offerings of the yajña to which the other deva-s ...
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Where is this Srimad Bhagavatam verse about the different forms of Moksha?

According to Vaishnavism, there are six kinds of liberation from Samsara (the cycle of birth, death, and rebirth). They're each defined in relation to Vishnu, since Vaishnavas consider Vishnu to be ...
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What are the Pratishthasara and Vijnanalalita Agamas of Vaishnavism?

As I discuss in this answer, Hindu scripture is made up of two categories, Shruti or that which is heard from the gods, and Smriti or that which is composed by humans authors and passed down from ...
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