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Is there a punishment for breaking the vow of celibacy? If yes, what are the ways to clear the sin? [duplicate]

What if a person broke the vow of brahmacharya by indulging in sexual activity like masturbation? Is there a punishment? Something a person would do to clear the sexual sins?
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What is the expiation for indulging in sexual activities after upanayana? [duplicate]

I have a question, if a person who masturbates, more than once after entering Brahmacharya stage, what shall he do ? Will he have to live with the regret or can he do something so that he is back to ...
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What is prayaschitta for breaking the promise made to Lord Shiva? [duplicate]

I broke a promise made to Lord Shiva that I won't mastrubate for a month and I broke and to do prayaschita I again took promise and said him to make me child less if I broke this again but again I ...
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What will happen if I break a vow to God [duplicate]

I made a vow to God & I broke it. What can be done ❔
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According to Gita , how can a person do repentance if he/she cannot fulfill the promise (mannat) [duplicate]

I have seen many people make promises to God in return of personal benefits but they eventually forgot. So is there any way to perform repentance for the failure of fulfilling such promises?
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forgiveness after understanding [duplicate]

If someone vow to do this when she get this. And after vowing she came to know that after getting fulfil her wish she can't be able to fulfill her vow. So what she can do?Can she fulfill her vow ...
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If I broke a promise that I made to Bhagwan - specifying the consequence of me breaking it, what can be done? [duplicate]

I made a promise to Bhagwan that I would not effuse semen for a month, and if I did, I asked Him to throw me in naraka or make me go through animal reincarnation (8.4 million times). I broke it. Also, ...
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What is the difference between Thenkalai and Vadakalai sects of Sri Vaishnavism?

For those who do not know, there are two main sects of Sri Vaishnavism: Thenkalai and Vadakalai. The Vadakalai sect wear their namam, or thiruman, in a "U" shaped pattern with manjal or yellow like ...
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In Hinduism, what exactly is a lie? And is lying adharma?

I would like to know what is considered a lie in Hinduism? Sometimes we speak good but we speak the same thing in a different way which appears as a lie to the listener but it's not really a lie. In ...
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Is the etymology of the name Yudhishthira correct?

As we know, the eldest of the Pandavas is Yudhishthira (IAST : Yudhiṣṭhira and Devanagari: युधिष्ठिर). It is said that he got his name due to his steadiness in war. This is also a famous one. From ...
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Vow (Mokku) fulfillment in Tirupati

Scenario: A devotee prays to Tirupati Venkateswara Swamy for accomplishing some task. He takes a vow (mokku) that he will visit the Temple after his task gets accomplished without any obstacles. His/...
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Will god Forgive me If I vowed that I will not watch porn but I did [closed]

Please answer the above question Will god forgive me
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How to do penance for breaking promise to lord surya Narayana and hanuman ji? [closed]

I once gave vow to lord Hanuman and Surya that I shall stay celibate for sometime , but I broke it continuously know iam feeling all guilty and want to do penance. Please suggest me correct way of ...
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