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What can I do to reduce anger, greed, lust, fear and ego? [duplicate]

As per Hindu scriptures, What are the things one can do in daily life that would reduce anger, greed, lust, fear and ego over time? Please don't say "surrender yourself to the lord" that's not what I ...
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Significance of a SADGURU, in the confusing age of Kali [duplicate]

In times today people are living into full of temporary information overriden constantly, without much time devoted to learning about self. Is there any way one can devote himself to a SADGURU ...
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How to increase Sattva guna? [duplicate]

There are 3 gunas - Sattva, Rajas, Tamas. There are 5 jnana indriyas - hear, touch, see, taste, smell and 5 karma indriyas - hands, feet, speech, procreation, waste These above 10 are our only ...
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Approach to the Ultimate/Absolute Truth (Jnana)

I want to get/achieve/realize/attain the Ultimate/Absolute Truth (Aatman & Brahman). And I think Jnana path is perfect for this. And I believe if one truly achieves Jnana, then one gets moksha ...
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Why do Sannyasis avoid looking at women?

I have seen many Sannyasis (especially Swaminarayan) that don't look at women unless it's by accident. What is the cause behind this aversive behavior?
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Avoiding Lust in Hinduism?

Many religions have stated clearly that indulgence in sin, specifically sin related to lust in some way is detrimental to spiritual growth. Is there anything in Hinduism that provides a way to prevent ...
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In brahmachayra what do I do with pent up sexual energy?

When I have a lot of sexual excitement and sexual energy in my lower chakra, what do I need to do to stop this? Do I channel the energy to higher chakra? Isn't the goal to not get sexually excited in ...
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Is lust the most powerful among the shada ripus?

EXPLANATION : As lust is one of the desires of living beings and seems to be avoidable at high concentration. The other desires of shada ripus are seems to be less difficult(my opinion) We can see ...
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Are ego and attachment evil qualities as per Vedas?

I would like to understand more about ego and attachment from the perspective of Hindu Shastras and Vedas. Are these evil qualities? If yes, how to get rid of these things from my mind?
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I live in North America - how can I live a pious life? [closed]

Please, reveal to me the scriptures that can teach me to live in the way most holy, no matter where we live on earth. What practises shall I undertake. I love life and God, but I know my actions are ...