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Bad Karma and Success [duplicate]

Many people become rich, successful and powerful by unfair means like fraud/scam etc. As a result, many people in the path of Dharma are not able to compete with them. It tempts good people to follow ...
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Is our destiny predetermined? If yes, then why do our actions affect our karma?

Is our destiny predetermined? I've read some stories which do show that a person's destiny is predetermined, like: pathi pragrahiṇaṁ kaṁsam ābhāṣyāhāśarīra-vāk asyās tvām aṣṭamo garbho hantā yāṁ ...
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Do children accumulate karma? At what age are you responsible for your karma?

If I do a bad karma without knowing or realizing properly will I receive fruits for that or not? What about children? Do they accumulate karma too? Don't they make lot of mistakes unknowingly? At ...
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Why do bad things happen to good people?

I have seen many instances where bad things have happened to good people. And to make it worse, the bad people prospered and progressed while the good people seemed to struggle every day for their ...
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Are people really punished for their bad deeds?

In this world people commit many bad deeds in their day to day life. Some on extreme level, but still those people live their life happily. There are many historical examples of such people for ...
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What did Rama tell Sita about Kaliyug? [closed]

I have heard some Doha of Kabir (couplet) or somewhere else like this: Ramchandra keh gaye siya se aisa kaliyug ayega, Hans chugega dana dunaka, kauvva moti khayega Means Ramchandra told Sita ...
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How is the law of karma valid when so many people from wealthy houses are unethical but to be born in those houses requires good karma?

Growing up in school I would see bullies. Many of these bullies would be spoiled kids of rich parents. In fact, I've seen this trend where the more rich and affluent a family the more spoiled and ...
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Asking questions against creation and doings of God in hinduism?

God gave Humans brain and the ability to think. So my question is it right or wrong to question the creations and doings of God by a human? I mean will it be considered a sin? Please help me out, I ...
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Karma-Stimulus Paradox

Consider a thought experiment :- I have an enemy. He wants to shoot me. Case A: If I receive the bullet on my body, then the most general explanation given by Hinduism is that I had a bad karma (प्रा...
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Why many good people suffer during death? [duplicate]

Lord jesus, pitamah bhisma (mahapurush), our freedom fighters, army officers, many leaders in the history, many warrior in the past war, ........ - had death by tremendous suffering. NOW, the ...
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