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Is it sin to sleep with a prostitute before marriage being a shudra? [duplicate]

Being a shudra, I'm eager to know whether sleeping with a prostitute is considered as a sinful act in hinduism.
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What does the Vedic literature speak about pre-marital sex and sexual abstinence? [duplicate]

I understand that unlike Abrahamic religions, sex is primarily not a taboo in our Sanatana Dharma. However, I would like to know what is laid out in the scriptures regarding 'pre-marital sex' and ...
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Why did Lord Krishna kidnap Rukmini to get married?

As per the Vedas, getting married to a girl after kidnapping is considered devil or daemon (दानव dānava) Vivaha (marriage) which isn't righteous (धर्मानुकूलन dharmānukūlana). And Lord Krishna ...
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What is the punishment for consensual sex in Hinduism?

If someone has sex with a maid or someone else's wife with their permission (mutual consent), what is the punishment for it as per Hindu scripture?
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Clarification regarding adultery, extra-marital relations

Apologies if this seems a very sensitive issue but can you please help me understand what is considered an adultery? If married male and female partners have mutually agreed and happy to have extra-...
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Can a devotee do love marriage?

I would like to know whether a devotee (be a Lord Krishna's or Lord Siva's) can do love marriage? Because love can be a material desire and a devotee must not have such desires. But marriage is ...
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What's the view of Hinduism on prostitution and premarital sex? [duplicate]

According to this answer, does it mean that premarital sex was non-existent? Is prostitution related to premarital sex? If not then any scriptural references on the same topic?
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Lesser known but main wives of Lord Krishna apart from Rukmini, Satyabhama and Jambavati?

I have heard/read somewhere that there were 8 major wives of Lord Krishna. Also there were some approx. 16,000 girls that Lord Krishna freed from Narakasura and as no one would marry them, therefore ...
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Soil for Maa Durga puja

Like many other Hindu pujas (prayers), the Maa Durga puja is celebrated by creating an idol for her. But, even though I saw it happen in many movies (Devas, Aanand), I never understood why the soil ...
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Is Hinduism a bit partial to Kshatriyas?

As we go through various sections of the Mahabharata, we can see that: Although it's not encouraged, a Kshatriya can force sex upon a woman and marry her as explained in this answer (Does Hinduism ...
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According to Smriti Shastras, what punishment is prescribed for a girl who lost virginity before marriage?

I suppose Smriti Shastras do not encourage sex before marriage. But these days, it is pretty common. I want to know the views of Smriti Shastras on it. What kind of punishment is prescribed for girls? ...
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Does Hinduism support sex outside of marriage?

Lately due to sexual revolution in India many people (to justify their adulterous acts) have started to say that Hinduism is a sexually liberal religion where sex before or outside of marriage is ...
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What is the reason for offering young unmarried women?

Consider the following statement from Mahabharata. king Yudhishthira the just gave unto each of those Brahmanas thousands of kine and beds and gold coins and damsels. [Section 32, Rajasuyika Parva, ...
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Is underage sex for pleasure considered bad?

Do Hindu scriptures consider engaging in sex for pleasure an evil malpractice when the persons involved are juvenile? If not, why does the orthodox Indian/Hindu community believe so?
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