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Why lord Venkateshwara's name is not listed in the avatars of vishnu? [duplicate]

Why is lord Venkateshwara name not listed in avatar of Vishnu?
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Ninth avataram of Vishnu [duplicate]

Is Buddha ninth Avataram of Vishnu? But Lord Venkateshvara (Balaji) is also an avataram of Vishnu who came to earth in Kaliyuga(will be exists on earth to the end of Kaliyuga). Then Venkateshvara ...
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What is chronological timeline (in Manvantara and Mahayuga) of Lord Vishnu incarnations/avatar?

Please tell me chronological timeline (in Manvantara and Mahayuga) of Lord Vishnu's various incarnations.
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Did the Mahabharata and the Ramayana happen in the current Yuga cycle in the current Manvantara?

The Mahabharata war has been given a date of around 3300 BC by back-tracing planetary positions from scriptural references (archeo-astronomy). The Ramayana is speculated to be anywhere between a few ...
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How is evolution portrayed?

In Hinduism, is there a concept of evolution? If so, how it it portrayed? I seen a YouTube video that I am unable to find again that says that the Vedic text says that beings evolve from most complex ...
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Why is Mohini not one of the Dashavatara of lord Vishnu?

Dashavatara refers to the ten Avatars of lord Vishnu, which are : Matsya Kurma Varaha Narasimha Vamana Parashurama Rama Krishna Buddha Kalki But apart from the above, lord Vishnu has one more Avatar ...
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Why only Lord Vishnu incarnates on earth?

It is said that there are 3 supreme lords i.e. Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. But from all 3 why only 10 incarnations of Lord Vishnu and not others?
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What are the Avatarams of Vishnu described in the Yuddha Kanda of the Ramayana?

In the Yuddha Kanda of the Ramayana, after Rama kills Ravana and rescues his wife Sita, he tells Sita to walk through fire to (to others) prove that she is still faithful to him. She walks through ...
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Is Lord Jagannath an incarnation of Vishnu?

Lord Jagannath is worshiped along with Balbhadra and Subhadra in the famous temple at Puri. I want to know is Lord Jagannath an incarnation of Vishnu?
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Is Krishna the only avatar among dashavatara who had more than one wife?

Is it true that Krishna is the only avatar who was married to more than one woman?
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Why is the "Dasa Avataram" concept considered a debatable topic on this site while Scriptures make clear mention of them?

Since the concept of Dasavataram doesn't even exist in Hindu scripture, this is sort of a moot question This was posted by Keshav Srinivasan as a comment under this question.Comments with the same ...
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What is the purpose of Balarama's avatara?

Lord Vishnu, through his avatars, teaches us how to live. I was wondering what is the purpose of Krishna's elder brother Balarama. Also, it seems very odd from the other avatars of Vishnu, because ...
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Doubts regarding Nara-Narayana & previous lives of Pandavs

This link talks about Karna's past life and the story of Dambodbhava who has a fight with Narayana rishi - Which previous karma made Karna's life full of sorrow despite his benevolent nature? ...
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Does Lord Narayana take incarnation to change era?

From the story of Ramayana and Mahabharata, I have come to know that Lord Narayana takes incarnation at the end of every era (yuga). And when Lord's incarnation dies then era changes (and new era ...
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Did Dasaratha think of performing Putrakamesthi apart from Aswamedha Yagna that itself could give sons?

Any person, who reads Srimad Ramayana casually, and who views films and TV serials produced and developed by persons with half-baked knowledge, will say Yes the putra-kaam-eshthi yagna was performed ...
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