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Eating non vegetarian food? [duplicate]

According to vedas killing and eating animal meat are forbidden and also a sin to hindus but according to manusmiriti eating non-veg is allowed.So which is true, Manusmiriti or Vedas? and which ...
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By killing mosquito/bedbugs take us to hell? [duplicate]

Some castes don't consume meat because of some religious traditions and practices. But knowingly or unknowingly we all have killed insects. For example, even microorganisms that enables curd from ...
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Is meat Rajasik or Tamasik? [duplicate]

Some call it Rajasik. Some call it Tamasik. Is meat mentioned as Rajasik or Tamasik food in our texts?
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Is it sin to eat non veg in hindu religion.? [duplicate]

I have hindu friend who eats non vegetarian but also a good follower of Lord Krishna. By the term good follower, I mean to say he prays to krishna and sometime goes to temple to attend prayers and ...
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Why should we be vegetarian? [duplicate]

Many people ask me 'why are you a vegetarian?', but I don't have a perfect answer for them. I want a perfect answer on why should we be vegetarian
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Meat-eating and Hinduism [duplicate]

According to the overall Hindu scriptural tradition, does meat-eating impede spiritual progress? I know that the classical Vaishnava traditions seem to prohibit it. How about the other sects and ...
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Does hinduism/vedas allow non-veg consumption? [duplicate]

This question has puzzled me for long. My family does consume non-veg but we don't do it on Mondays and Thursdays and also not on full moon days. Also we only consume mostly meat and fish. So why is ...
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Eating restrictions in Hinduism [duplicate]

According to the Wikipedia page on Hindu diet, an excerpt from the Atharva Veda (the chronologically last one of the four) says that Those who eat flesh uncooked, and those who eat the bleeding ...
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How non vegetarians are wrong? [duplicate]

I am a pure vegetarian and against non-veg and often I try to justify for this to my friends using scientific or logical proof. I have seen in Bhagavat Gita and Manusmriti that vegetarian diet is ...
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How to decide whether a food is non veg or veg? [duplicate]

As we all know that eating non veg is not acceptable. For our religion .when I ask this question everyone seems confused ,they told me that we should not eat by harassing other organisms ,so if we ...
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What is the reason behind the hindu scriptures not prescribing meat? [duplicate]

Both plants and animals have the same soul, emotion and feelings. I know that meat is tamasic and is not suggestible for spiritual aspirants. Other than that, is there any exact logical reasoning for ...
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Was Lord Rama a non-vegetarian?

I have always believed that Lord Rama was a vegetarian, but after reading certain blogs I found out that there might be certain verses in Ramayana (like the one below) which indicate quite the ...
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Do any texts explicitly forbid Hindus from eating beef?

I have been told many a times that I shouldn't eat beef because I am a Hindu by religion. Even though I have never worshiped a cow in my life or interacted with any on more than exotic basis, I find ...
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Why do some Hindus, especially brahmins, not eat onion or garlic?

I have been with some Brahmins, and I was told that along with meat, they are also prohibited from eating onions and garlic. I can understand the meat prohibition because of cows, but what is the ...
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How to wash away sin after unconsciously consuming non-vegetarian food?

If any person unconsciously consumed non-vegetarian food and later learned that he/she has done so, is there any provision in Hindu religion to wash that sin?
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