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Akasha or space is one of the Pancha Mahaboota in Hinduism.

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What is relationship between Akasha (space) and Shabda (sound) according to Veda?

According to the Vedic account of creation in the Upanishads, the Mahabhutas or great elements proceed from most subtle to most gross: Akasha -> Vayu -> Agni -> Apah -> Prithvi. Meaning, Space -> Air/...
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What is the difference between Prana and Akasha?

Prana is said to be an energy and is said to be universal. Akasha is said to be very subtle form of energy. Both of these two are subtle to see and are present in all places. MY QUESTION : How do we ...
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How do Hindu scriptures define Ākāśa? Is it space or vacuum or something else?

How do Hindu scriptures define Ākāśa? A little bit of background: Ākāśa -> Vāyu -> Agni -> Jala -> Pṛthvī – this is the order of creation of the 5 elements. Their corresponding ...
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Why is Akasha considered as a basic element in the Vedas?

This wiki page mentions that the Charvakas did not accept Akasha as a basic element as it is not tangible and according to them, there are only four basic elements. I would like to know why Akasha is ...
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How do I explain akasha (sky - one of the Panchamahabhuta) to a scholar?

Out of the Five-Elements only akasha is the one I am unable to understand till now. How is it related to the earth or a material body? Though we know it's different from air and recedes into outer ...
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