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Did the Kalasha of Amrta held by Dhanvantari basically contain Soma?

In the Rg-Veda, only the concept of Soma existed, with "amrta" being an adjective/epithet of the Soma drink. I wonder, when Dhanvantari rose from the ocean of milk, was the amrta basically ...
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Where is Amrit located at present?

Is there any Amrit left at present ? Or All of it has been finished ? Where is currently located ?
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Does drinking of Amrit ensure immortality?

Do people who drink Amrit(a)-or drank it in the past- gain total immortality? Does consumption grant freedom from death (that is, cause the drinker never to die), as it did for the Devatas (devas)? If ...
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By drinking amrita, what are the benefits besides immortality?

By drinking amrita, a person becomes immortal. What are the other benefits from drinking amrita besides immortality?
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Mṛta Sanjeevani Mantra

Despite having the knowledge of Mrit Sanjeevani Mantra (मृत संजीवनी मंत्र) - which could bring back anyone dead back to life again, Why didn't (or not able to maybe) Shukracharya revive Hiranyakasha, ...
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In which Kalpa/Manvantar did the gods became immortal for the FIRST time?

We are all aware how the gods became immortal after consuming Amrit but I came across another interesting story about how they gained immortality even before drinking the elixir. Shatapatha Brahmana 2....
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Has any human ever consumed Amrit?

I want to understand if the effects of Amrit when drunk by a human has ever been mentioned anywhere in the hindu mythology. Has there ever been a human who has consumed it ?
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Is amrita or legend of samudra manthan mentioned in Vedic scriptures?

The legend of samudra manthan and amrita is mentioned in itihasa, puranas but the legend of samudra manthan mentioned in verses of vedas, Upanishads or brahmanas or is the drink of immortality amrita ...
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When did Mainda and Dvivida drink Amrita with the permission of Brahma?

Mainda and Dvivida are the valiant lieutenants in the army of Vānara. They are the sons of Ashwini Kumaras. Hanuman describes the plight of Lanka to his fellow vānaras and praises every Vānara ...
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How does the soul returns in the dead body when a dead person is revived using Amrita?

There are many references in our scriptures when deads are revived to life using Amrita and Mrita Sanjeevani Vidya.. A common accepted vedic doctrine is that soul (along with manomaya, vijnamaya and ...
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Is there an actual existence of nectar (अमृतं)?

Is there actual existence of Nectar (अमृतं)? If yes, then where and if no then why not, because I heard that Devtas got nectar from the sea, and they all became immortal.
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