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Does scripture sanction "Antaryami Puja"?

Recently, somebody posted Later they started a worshiping method called 'Antharyāmi puja' in which they chant all Vishnu related stotras while worshipping Lord Subramanya considering that Vishnu is ...
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To sects that believe all names denoting Brahman only point to their Satvik sectarian deity - how can any scripture be Rajasic or Tamasic?

let us take a God, say, Apam Napat. If some scripture says Apam Napat is supreme (Rig Veda talks about his Paramam Padam) - then it can simply be argued that Apam Napat is a name of the sectarian ...
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Are "antarAtmA" (inner self) and "antaryAmI" (inner controller) the same in vedAnta?

Answer might depend on the school of vedAnta. That is fine. I want to know the position of different schools.
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What citations from non-sectarian Shruti and/or the Itihasas claim that Vishnu is the antaryami of all the other Gods?

There is probably enormous sectarian literature claiming this, including sectarian Upanishads - but I am interested in Vedas, principal non-sectarian Upanishads etc AS DIRECT CITATIONS, without too ...
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