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Questions regarding Artha, one of the four Purusharthas.

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Why should we help people?

If the goal for everyone is to go beyond worldly happiness and sadness, and sadness can help nudge people towards vairagya why should we help people materially?
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Purusharthas for a yogi

It is well known that Dharma ,Artha, Kama and Moksha are the four Purursharthas . Is a yogi who is Self Realized/striving towards it,able /interested /obligated to, fulfill all 4? If so,how?If not,...
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What mantras for pursuing kama/artha life?

I was taught gayatri mantra at a young age and I do it daily as it helps a lot with my daily meditation In hinduism, moksha is the ultimate goal. But also there is the role of artha, kama, and Dharma. ...
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What does Chanakya impliy when he says "Dharma" and "Kama" depends on "Artha"? How do the two depend on Artha?

Chanakya remarks - "Dharma" & "Kama" both depend on "Artha". Could you please explain how Dharma & Kama depend on Artha? What does Chanakya imply with this ...
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Is selling education for money is sin in Kali yuga?

The following lines are from the footnotes of the Mahabharata In India, from the remotest times, preceptors are excluded from charging their pupils any fees for the instruction they give. No ...
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How can one know their dharma?

Living one's dharma seems to be paramount, but first I must discover what my dharma is. I was born and reared in the West, so how can I discover my dharma? I have read the Gita and it helped me ...
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When should one shift focus from artha and kama to dharma?

The Kama Sutra seems to state that early in life, it is best to focus on artha and kama, and that only later in life should we truly seek dharma. Is this interpretation correct? Is it useless to seek ...
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Precedence among the four Purushartha

Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha are considered as the four goals of life according to Hinduism. One might argue that Moksha is the highest amongst all four. In the remaining three - Dharma, Artha and ...
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