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What was the state's Land use policy as per ancient Hindu texts?

Apastamba Dharmasutra states - "If a person who has taken (a lease of) land (for cultivation) does not exert himself, and hence (the land) bears no crop, he shall, if he is rich, be made to pay (...
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What is Sam-Dan-Danda-Bhed?

Whenever, in India, we get into a conflict with someone, we use the phrase "Sam-dan-danda-bhed" to resolve the matter. What is it, and what exactly does it mean? Please explain it with ...
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Is the Arthashastra of Chanakya same as the Upa Veda Arthashastra?

As outlined in this answer, Arthashastra is one of the Upa Vedas. I wanted to know whether this is the same Arthashastra written by Rishi Chanakya. I have seen some earlier posts/comments on the ...
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