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Literally, 'statement of meaning', a Pūrva Mīmāṁsā term that explains Vedic injunctions (vidhis). Its main purpose is to make us do certain good things by praising them or reject bad ones by censuring them.

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What's the relationship between the importance of understanding Vedas properly and Vritrasura incident?

Vritrasura is a demon in the Vedic and Puranic literature, who is killed by Indra. I heard someone saying that there is some relation between this story and the importance of understanding the Vedas ...
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Do all followers of Ramakrishna Order take Puranic stories allegorically?

This answer says: All these Puranic stories are taken from the book 'Hindu Gods and Goddesses' by Swami Harshananda. Swami Harshananda of the Ramakrishna Order is an Advaitist and does not take the ...
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What is scope of arthavada in Hindu scriptures?

What is the scope of arthavada in Hindu scriptures? It can be used to explain or explain away lot of inconsistencies in Hindu scriptures? Like an eulogy to a particular deity can be called arthavada. ...
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What is Purva Mimansa Arthavada

Arthavada is a term associated with the least famous Purva Mimansa established by Rishi Jaimini. What is Arthavada and how does Uttara Mimansa counteract against this Arthavada?
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