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Was Aryavarta a Vedic/Hindu rashtra in ancient times?

Was Aryavarta a Vedic/Hindu rashtra in ancient times according to Vedic scriptures?
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What is a Mlechha and what are their religious rights?

I am a Muslim born who left Islam 2 years ago, although I am still a theist. I am currently researching about other religions and as of now, I like Hinduism better than any religion I have studied. ...
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Does any RigVedic God besides Indra fight the enemies of the Aryas - like Dasas,Dasyus et al?

Some citations from Rig Veda 1 100 18 He, much invoked, hath slain Dasyus and Śimyus, after his wont, and laid them low with arrows. The mighty Thunderer with his fair-complexioned friends won the ...
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Who exactly were the Dasyus and are they different from the dasa term?

As mentioned in previous answer What are some hymns elaborating and explaining about dasas in rig-veda? by B.N.Bhaskar, that 'dasa' itself is neutral term and it is not an enemy tribe and 'dasyu' is ...
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Where can I download "An introduction to the commentary on Vedas" by Maharshi Dayananda Saraswati?

I am looking for a book named "An introduction to the commentary on the Vedas" which is the english translation of "RigVedAdi Bhasya Bhoomika" by Maharshi Dayananda Saraswati, ...
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Does South India comes within land of mlechhas? [closed]

Manusmriti 2:22-23 But (the tract) between those two mountains (just mentioned), which (extends) as far as the eastern and the western oceans, the wise call Aryavarta (the country of the Aryans)....
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Who are aryan? where do they come from? [closed]

Who are they? where do they come from? What did they did and do now. why south indians always take stand against them
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Does Lord Indra protect the Aryan, Vedic civilization from attacks by Mleccha armies?

It is said in the Vedas that Lord Indra is the Kshatriya of the Devas. So, he functions like a king and protects Earth and Swarga, and fights offenders. Does Lord Indra protect the Aryan, Vedic ...
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Is there any Hindu spiritual principle that causes many Hindus to oppose the Aryan Migration Theory?

Recently a question was asked about the reasons why many Hindus are opposed to the Aryan Migration Theory (AMT)? The question was asked in a manner that does not fit with the requirements of this site....
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Did the Rig Vedic Aryas consider any tribes friendly?

The Aryas mention Dasa, Dasyus, et al but they were not very friendly towards them. Who were the Aryas friendly with?
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Is there a scriptural basis for Out-of-India hypothesis? [duplicate]

I heard that Hindus believe that all Vedic-era people originated in Bhārat. Is this a cultural belief or is it from scripture? The below non-Answers are "arguments against the mainstream theory" ...
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When did untouchability start?

Kalavai Venkat's "Caste: a HAF-baked Lamentation" tells that "untouchability started in 12th century" Can somebody provide any reference from any book/scripture/history etc for the statement that "...
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Which Hindu scriptures use the word Ārya and in what sense?

What does the word "Ārya" really mean in the context of Hinduism? And which Hindu scriptures use this word and in what sense? If you think the question is too broad, limit your answer to The Vedas, ...
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Aryan Migration theory—evidence for and against it in the Vedas

Aryan Migration theory is a hotly contested topic. The proponents of the theory cite Vedic verses which talk of ancestors recording their memories of a cold desolate homeland and their fear of fauna ...
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Were Aryans the forefathers of Hindus?

We have been told that Aryans were living in the Indian subcontinent and that they started the caste and creed system. Is it true that they started the Hindu belief system?
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