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Questions tagged [ashwatthama]

Use for any questions involving Ashvatthama, the son of guru Drona and the grandson of the sage Bharadwaja. The name is also spelled as Ashwatthama or Ashwatthaman.

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3 answers

Ashvatthaman's immortality?

I'm puzzled by Ashvatthaman's status as a chiranjivi. Not necessarily that he is one, but more the circumstances surrounding it. To wit, Ashvatthaman is made to wander the earth endlessly for 3000 ...
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What is the story of Badarayana Vyasa?

We know that present Vyasa is Krishna Dwaipayana. There is a detail about him in Mahabharata. But who is Badarayana Vyasa and what is his story? In which mahayuga was he the Vyasa?
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Where is Ashwatthama now and upto which age he will be alive? [duplicate]

Ashwatthama, one of the seven immortals, is still alive. But can anyone tell where he is now? Many people claimed seeing him; he was much taller than an average man, peculiar was his physique too. ...
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How did Ashwatthama pray to and invoke Lord Shiva on the last night of the war?

As I discuss in my answer here, Lord Mahadeva entered inside Ashwatthama and Ashwatthama did mass destruction after that: Having said these words unto the high-souled Ashvatthama, the divine ...
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How did Aswathama get rid the sin of killing Upapandavas and curse of Lord Krishna?

After Mahabharatha war, to avenge the death of his father Drona, Aswathama entered camp of Pandavas and killed Upapandavas and sleeping soldiers. According to Mahabhartha, Krishna curses Aswathama to ...
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How can we explain the 'vardan (boon)' of 'amaratva (immortality)'?

If the gods are reluctant to give the vardan or boon of amaratva (immortality) then why are certain personalities like Ashwasthhama and other chiranjivis immortal?
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How can Ashwatthama be an incarnation of Lord Shiva?

I have heard Ashwatthama who is an important character in the story in the Mahabharata epic and one of the chiranjeevas (immortals) to be the twelfth Rudra. However, he is seen as a cruel person for ...
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