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Scriptural sources for information on panchang, tithi, and nitya yogas

Hindus commonly look at tithis and nitya yogas to guide the timing of their activities. Here's an example. Is there a scriptural basis of these interpretations? What scripture deals with the daily ...
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Is Bṛhaspati graha (Jupiter) related to Lord Vishnu?

Bhagawān Vishnu's day falls on Thursday. The Sanskrit name for Thursday is Bṛhaspativāra: it is literally named after Jupiter. Is the planet Bṛhaspati (Jupiter) related to Lord Vishnu?
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Should we celebrate Uttarayana on December 21?

As we know Uttarayana is being celebrated as Makar Sankranti or Makara Sankramana when Sun enters Capricorn or Makara Rashi which approx falls on Jan 14, as 2021. This is considered as Uttarayana. But ...
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What is Shadashiti Sankranti?

In this answer there is verse, which has word "Shadashiti Mukheshu" which has beem interpreted as Sankramana of Mithuna, Kanya, Dhanu and Meena. Is there authoritative reference which says ...
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Where has it said in the authentic scriptures, that a year in the Yuga schematic of Manu is actually a Daiva year?

The one of the early mentions of Yuga theory of Satya, Treta, Dwapara and Kali occurs in Manu Smriti. There the Yuga is acutally only 12000 years with Kali Yuga - 1200 years Dwapara Yuga - 2400 ...
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Bhu-mandala system

Bhagavata Purana's 5th Canto describes the Bhu-mandala planetary system. Is the Bhu-mandala system THIS Earth (i.e. the planet in which I am writing this question), or is it a different planet located ...
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What is meant by "revolution of Sun's apogee"?

While reading Translation of the Surya Siddhanta and of the Siddhanta Siromani(1861) - Bapu Deva Shastri, I stuck in the follwing. Chapter I, verse 41 & 42 In a KALPA (4.32 billion years), there ...
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What are the Mathematical Algorithms/Formulas behind hindu Sunrise and Sunset Calculations? [closed]

There are differences between Astronomical Sunrise/Sunset calculation and Hindu Sunrise/Sunset calculations. The astronomical algorithms to calculate the sunrise/sunset can be found over the internet. ...
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What is Hinduism's View on extraterrestrials? [duplicate]

Different Religions have surprisingly diverse approaches to the issue of possible extraterrestrial life. What is Hindu scripture's view on existence of extraterrestrial life? https://www....
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Hindu astronomy mapping with western astronomy

I am looking for sources to map the name of stars and constellation followed by Indian astronomy with the western one. Any references would be welcome.
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Are Ursa Major and Ursa Minor associated with Jambavan and Jambavati astrologically? [closed]

Astrologically/astronomically, Are Ursa major correspond/associated with jambavanta, Ursa minor with jambavati, because both being bear constellations, and Vega, Pole star of dwapara Yuga, krishna ...
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How to convert a given Vikram Samvat date into corresponding Gregorian Date?

I want to convert particularly, Shravan Shuklapaksha Dwitiya of Vikram Samvat 667 into its corresponding Gregorian date. link: Vikram Samvat
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Resources to Astronomical references in Hinduism

I'm a grade teacher, who is going to introduce astronomy to 12 year olds. I want them to have a phenomenalogical understanding of the subject. From there I want to present the models in existence. In ...
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Does the notion of the earth as a planet within the Solar System exist in scripture?

In other words, as an approximate sphere going round the Sun with other planets some closer to the Sun and some further away? Whether this modern view of the Solar System exists in scripture has not ...
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वर्ष • (varṣ) according to ramayana

In Ramayana the sanskrit word that is used to describe 'year' is 'वर्ष (varṣ)'. Is that equal to 'year' as we describe today (one revolution of earth around sun)?
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Scriptural basis for importance of astrological predictions

Hinduism had traditional lifestyle practice involving faith and belief in entwined sciences of astrology and astronomy. Timing of marriage, muhurtham of Griha pravesam, starting of a new important ...
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Authentic text of Surya Siddhanta English Translation [closed]

Are there any authentic text of Surya Siddhanta English Translation? The following seem to be commonly available ones in Internet: Surya - Siddhanta, By Ed. By S. Jain E. Burgees The Surya-siddhanta ...
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What are the qualities a good astrologer should possess? Who is true Astrologer according to Jyotisha texts?

Jyotisha is one of the six ancient Vedangas, or ancillary science connected with the Vedas The term Jyotisha also refers to Hindu astrology. This field of study was concerned with fixing the days and ...
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Is the Star of Bethlehem mentioned in Hindu scripture? [closed]

I was watching a BBC program The Real Star of Bethlehem: A Christmas Special recently that tried to solve the mystery surrounding the Star of Bethlehem. The show concluded the "star" was most likely a ...
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What is Surya Sidhdhant? How Bhaskaracharya was the first to discover gravity, 500 years before Sir Isaac Newton?

What is Surya Sidhdhant? How Bhaskaracharya was the first to discover gravity, 500 years before Sir Isaac Newton? It is said that many years ago Bhaskaracharya discovered gravity using Surya ...
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Distance between Bhur lok (Earth) and Indra lok?

Is there any explanation of distance between Bhur lok (earth) and Indra lok? For example, I have seen Arjuna visits Indra lok to meet his father (Indra) while he and his brothers are in exile. There ...
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