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How to convert a given Vikram Samvat date into corresponding Gregorian Date?

I want to convert particularly, Shravan Shuklapaksha Dwitiya of Vikram Samvat 667 into its corresponding Gregorian date. link: Vikram Samvat
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Bhu-mandala system

Bhagavata Purana's 5th Canto describes the Bhu-mandala planetary system. Is the Bhu-mandala system THIS Earth (i.e. the planet in which I am writing this question), or is it a different planet located ...
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Hindu astronomy mapping with western astronomy

I am looking for sources to map the name of stars and constellation followed by Indian astronomy with the western one. Any references would be welcome.
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Scriptural basis for importance of astrological predictions

Hinduism had traditional lifestyle practice involving faith and belief in entwined sciences of astrology and astronomy. Timing of marriage, muhurtham of Griha pravesam, starting of a new important ...
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