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Tripur madhanakshi Sadhana

I want to do tripur madhanakshi mantra sadhana. Who is the deity related to this mantra? What are the rules and regulations to be followed for this sadhana? How many times and how many days does this ...
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Is the modern Indian state Tripura somehow related to the three cities Shiva destroyed in his Tripurantaka form?

Please read Edit 1(At the end) Does the state, Tripura, derive its name from the Three legendary asura cities which Lord Shiva destroyed in his Tripurantaka form? Most searches return that the name is ...
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Is the temple at Tirumala really the abode of the Goddess Bala Tripurasundari?

One astrologer at Kakinada told us that Lord Venkateswara is actually the Goddess Bala Tripurasundari, with long hair at the back. Hence the name Balaji! Here's the experience of Swami Brahmananda at ...
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