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What is the scriptural reference of Svarnamukhi, Sonebhadra and Sphatik shilas?

We all have seen references to Banalinga and Shaligram in the Puranas but there are 3 more swayambhu shilas Svarnamukhi(for Shakti), Sonebhadra(for Ganapati) and Sphatik(for Suryanarayan) used in ...
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Which gods are allowed to be worshipped in a banalinga?

Does a Hindu only worship lord shiva in the banalinga or can they worships goddess like Saraswati, Laxmi , Kali ,Ganesha and Skanda on it? Please give some reference to some authentic texts and ...
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What are the various types of Banalingas that are present near Narmada river?

Banalingas present near the holy Narmada river have various kinds of colours and design on them. Some are red , some have a black dot, some are bi coloured in red and white and various other colours. ...
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