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Bhagirath was a great king who brought the River Ganges, personified as the river goddess Ganga, to Earth from the heavens.

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How many generations passed between Bhagiratha and Rama?

Is anything written about the lifespan of the kings who were Rama's ancestors (the Sūryavaṃśa / Ikṣvāku Dynasty) up until Bhagīratha?
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Is it mentioned in any ancient scripture that Bhagiratha was raised by a lesbian couple?

From my own answer regarding third gender and its acceptance in Hinduism, I got to know about Krittivasi Ramayana, which says that Bhagiratha was raised by two co-widows, who made love together with ...
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Period of Bhagiratha?

When was Bhagiratha born? Are there any attempts to date his period? Because it is said that the incident of the drought occurred when Kapila Nakshatra was seen in the sky. I think this might be ...
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