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Is it possible to worship God in forms that aren't sanctioned by any scripture?

As per what I have heard in Hindu belief, God manifests in front of a devotee in any form that the devotee wants him to. However, from a personal viewpoint, my mind does not find any connection or ...
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1 vote
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Who is dhumavati? How can one worship her in common household?

What are the benefits of worshipping dhumavati mahavidya? Can it be done in any common household? Also is there any Bhakti ways of doing it? She appears to be sort of similar to alakshmi so why should ...
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What are the Bhakti ways of worshipping the mahavidyas?

I am interested to achieve higher things in both the material and spiritual world. I have been trying to find about the mahavidyas and other deities . From this I came to know that to achieve higher ...
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