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Are there any other incidents/writings that explicitly support the existence of 'crores' of divine beings?

Many experts in Sanathan dharma may hold different opinions on the existence of thirty-three crore of gods/goddesses. Our site has also questions related to it 1,2. Although this question is not ...
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What are the characteristics and verses of the Devi Bhagavata Purana mentioned by Bhaskararaya?

Bhaskararaya was a great Sri Vidya Acharya from Southern India. Being from the same Sampradaya as Adi Shankaracharya, (whom he credits with spreading the Sampradaya in his Guptavati Bhashya on Sri ...
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Where can I find more details about this debate involving Bhaskararaya?

Bhaskararaya is probably the most well-known Acharya and authoritative figure from modern history about matters related to Shakti worship. My question is about a debate that happened between him and a ...
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Where can I find Nilavanti Granth in Hindi/English Translation?

Nilavanti Granth is one of the great work of Indian mathematician Bhaskaracharya. I want it with Sanskrit slokas and their Hindi or English translation. Where can I find it ? Note: This book had ...
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Who was Sri Vidya guru Pujyasri Bhaskara Raya?

In the modern times, Pujyasri Bhaskara Raya Makhin is well known and respected by all shaktas across the country. His contribution to Shaktism and other shastras is phenomenal. Is there any details ...
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In which of his books did Bhaskara Raya say "kaulaat parataram nahi"?

In his texts the great Sri Vidya guru Bhaskara raya says "kaulAt parataram nAhi". In association to the glory of kaula path. In which text is it found? What is its meaning and context?
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