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Bhumi-Devi is the personification of Mother Earth. She is the consort of Varaha, an avatar of Vishnu and regarded as the mother of the goddess Sita.

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Which Scripture mentions Mangala as son of Varaha?

I heard that lord Varaha begot 2 sons with Bhumi when bhumi took form of varahi. One of the sons is Narakasura aka Baumasura. I am looking for who is the other son. I found in wiki that Mangala (Lord ...
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What is the story of the earth's milking during previous Manvantaras?

The 2nd Canto of Brahmanda Purana mentiones that the milking of the earth at diffrent Manvantaras:- 15a. Thereafter, in. the Svāyambhuva Manvantara (the Earth -was milked) after making Svāyambhuva ...
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Varaha avatar is confusing!

So the common perception is that Narakasura was born of Bhu Devi and Varaha but it doesn’t say that in Vishnu Puran or in Bhagawat Puran. Actually it does not even say that Varaha and Bhu Devi married!...
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Who were the parents of Bhumi Devi(Prithvi)?

Who were the parents of Bhumi Devi,the Goddess of Earth? (If any) Can someone say in which purana her origin is mentioned?
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If Goddess Sita is the daughter of Bhumi Devi, then how can we say Lord Ram is an Incarnation of Lord Vishnu?

Lord Vishnu has 2 wives: one is Shree Mahalakshmi and the other is Bhumi Devi, as mentioned in the following shlok which many people say in the morning: ॥ विष्णुपत्नि नमस्तुभ्यं पादस्पर्शं क्षमस्वमे ॥...
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Was Indra born from his mother's side and did she die in child-birth?

Rig Ved Book 4 Hymn 18 is really interesting. It begins with the following declaration (quoting from the Griffith translation): THIS is the ancient and accepted pathway by which all Gods have ...
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Is the Dyaus mentioned in Vedas as Indra's father the same as the Vasu Dyaus?

According to Rig Ved Verse 1.164.33 Indra is born of Dyaus and Prithvi - the Sky Father & Earth Mother: 33 Dyaus is my Father, my begetter: kinship is here. This great earth is my kin and ...
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What does Hindu scripture say about World Turtle/World Elephant theory?

Is there a mention of World Turtle/World Elephant theory in Hindu scripture? I heard many unsourced stories about Sheshanaga or Nandi being the one holding the earth on their head/horns respectively. ...
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What scripture talks about Karṇa's third curse by Bhūdevī or Goddess of Earth?

In my recent answer, I argued that both of Karṇa's two unfortunate curses were interpolations i.e., they were not part of Vyāsa's original Mahābhārata. I think the reason behind those particular ...
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Who did Vishnu appear before in Thiruvahindrapuram, Bhumidevi or Bhumadevi?

I'm currently visiting India, and I went to the town of Cuddalore in Tamil Nadu. It contains a place called Thiruvahindram, one of the 108 Divya Desams. As I discuss in this question, the Alwars (...
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What is the story of the Ashwini Kumaras measuring the Earth?

Book 12 Hymn 1 of the Atharvana Veda is called the Bhumi Sukta, and it's dedicated to Bhumidevi the goddess of the Earth. Here is what one of the verses says: She whom the Asvins measured out, ...
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